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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
April 16, 1765 - April 17, 1765
Volume 07, Pages 8-9

[From MS. Records in Office of the Secretary of State.]

At a Council held at Wilmington 16th April 1765
His Hon the Lieut Governor
The Honbl John Rutherford Esqr
The Honbl William Dry Esqr
The Honbl Lewis Henry DeRosset Esqr
The Honbl Benjamin Heron Esqr
The Honbl John Sampson Esqr

The Honble Charles Berry Esqr took the Oaths appointed by Law for the qualification of Councellors subscribed the Test, and took his seat at the Board.

Read sundry Patents as p Patent Book, from No 136 to 1999 Inclusive which were granted.

And sundry Warrants from No 514 to 548 Inclusive which were also Granted.

At a Council held at Wilmington 17th April 1765
His Honour the Lieutenant Governor.
The Honble John Rutherfurd Esquire
The Honble Lewis Henry DeRosset Esquire
The Honble John Sampson Esquire
The Honble Charles Berry Esquire
The Honble Benjamin Heron Esquire

Mr Murray President of His Majestys Council who has been a member of Council were since Feby 1739 here, Represented to his Honour that his health and family affairs require his presence in Boston in New England for some time, and pray'd leave of absence for twelve months from the time of His departure, which leave was Granted by His Honour the Lieutenant Governor.

Read sundry Patents as pr Patents Book, from No 199 to No 219, Inclusive which were Granted, Except No. 200, Caveated.

And sundry Warrants as pr. Warrant Book, from No 549 to No 569 which were also Granted.

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Ordered that the Secretary remove to Newbern Newbern by the 2d day of May 1765, where the Assembly is to be held, The Council Journals, the Chancery Docket, and Papers relative to the Causes to be heard.