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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Hughes to William Tryon
Hughes, Richard, Sir, ca. 1723-1812
August 27, 1765
Volume 07, Pages 112-113

[P. R. O. No. Carolina. B. T. Vol. 14.]
Letter from the Commissioner of Dock Yard to Governor Tryon

Portsmouth 27th Augt 1765.

The Neglect of Mr Heron's Master calling for my Letter as he punctually promised, lost me the opportunity, of punctually owning the receipt of your Obliging Letter, with the Plank forwarded in his Vessel

I laid both before the Navy Board in hopes of Seconding your offer in such a manner, as might obtain an Order for the Planks quality to be examined, and how far it might be made use of for the Service of the Navy, and have procured an Order to Survey and

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Report them, which has been done, and by the Officers of the Yards return, they are Reported to be 49 foot Long, Nine Inches Broad clear of the Sap, and are of Yellower complexion than those brought from Prussia, not of so clear a Colour, but as close a Contexture; but whether they are more or less durable, time must determine: We have caused Two Pieces of equal Dimensions to be weighed, and could not perceive any Essential difference—they appear fitting to be work'd for Ships Decks—since this Survey and Opinion has been sent to the Board, I have heard nothing further from them, but imagine some experiment will be made in the Service they are proposed for.

Give me leave to Congratulate your promotion to the Government of No Carolina and to assure you, I am very unfeignedly &ca