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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Dry to Robert Jones
Dry, William, 1720-1781
January 16, 1766
Volume 07, Page 175

-------------------- page 175 --------------------

Custom House Port Brunswick
16th January 1766.

Dr Sir,

By instruction from the Surveyor General, I am ordered in case any of the Men of War should make any seizures to receive the cause of seizure and her papers from them and to transmit them to you for your opinion which I am to be ruled by whether I am to prosecute or not.

This therefore serves to inclose you the papers of two vessels, one from Philadelphia the other from St Christophers which Capt Lobb hath seized for not having stampt papers as you'll see by his letter to me here inclosed. The papers are in separate packets, the one parcell are copies of the originals and the others are the original papers which Mr Quince desired I might send as belonging to his Vessel; All which I must entreat the favor of you to look over and to return me your opinion by this express which I send on purpose I beg the messenger may be dispatched

I am—Dr Sir &c
Robert Jones Junr Esq.