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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Jacob Lobb
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 23, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 180-181

Brunswick the 23d February 1766.


I was yesterday with Capt Phipps at Fort Johnston where I found twenty three Swivel Guns, Eight Eighteen Pounders and Eight Nine Pounders spiked. I demanded of Capt Dalrymple the Commanding Officer his Authority for spiking the Cannon; He produced Your order, and said Lieut: Calder of the Diligence in Consequence of it spiked the above Cannon. As I understand Your Midshipman was yesterday disappointed in getting Copies of my Instruction to Capt Dalrymple and Your Order to him, I insert them both. Vidt


“You will obey all Orders you may Receive either from the Commanding Officer of the Viper or Diligence Sloops of War.

I am &c

19th Feby 1766
To Capt Dalrymple.
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20th Feby 6 Oct.

“I think it necessary at this time you will render the Guns at “Fort Johnston Unserviceable, as there is a number of Men which “intend to insult His Majesty's Ships now in this River

I am &c
To Capt Dalrymple.

I must observe that the reason you give in this Order is totally Contrary to every Sentiment I entertained, as I hope my Letter Will Justify of the 19th delivered to You by Lieut: Calder directed to “the Commanding Officer either of the Viper or Diligence Sloops of “War,” as well as my Conversation on board the Diligence on the 20th, where you desired I would meet you. I never had a Suspicion that it was in the Power of the Persons Assembled in Arms to insult His Majesty's ships in this River. The Object of my Consideration was the Protection of the Fort; I therefore wish to receive from You the Reasons why you thought the Spiking of the Guns a necessary Step to prevent His Majesty's Ships from being insulted or what other Motives You had for Your Ordering the Guns to be spiked: This Request I make that I may be furnished with the Proper Causes for such a Proceeding in Order to Transmit them to His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State with my other Dispatches.

I am Sir &c
To Capt Lobb
Commander of the Viper Sloop of War.