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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 6 - Minutes of a meeting of the Regulators
Regulators of North Carolina
April 04, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 702-703

[B. P. R. O. A. & W. I. N. C. No. 216.]

At a general meeting of the Regulators held April 4th 1768 it was agreed to send Peter Craven and John Howe to request the late Sheriff and one Vestryman to meet 12 men that we shall choose on the Tuesday after the Court to produce to them a copy of the list of Taxables for each year and a list of the number and names of the Insolvents returned each year with an account how the money was applied to whom paid and to what uses both Vestrymens and sheriffs and to request our representatives to confer with them in our behalf and to show us law for the customary fees that has been taken from Deeds Indentures and administrations &c. If the time appointed don't suit them let them appoint them another

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more suitable—2nd that we hold a general meeting the First Monday in July October Jan. and April yearly and each year following until the business be completed to satisfaction at the Meeting House near Moses Teague's to which each chief is to send one or more representatives from a private meeting of his own company to attend to confer on further business according to our Association Paper agreed on the day and sooner or at any other time when an emergency requires by public notice