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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Jones to William Tryon
Jones, Edward
March 29, 1769
Volume 08, Pages 23-24

[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]
Letter from Mr Jones to Governor Tryon

London March 29th 1769

May it please your Excellency,

After a more tedious confinement on Sea than I expected I arrived at Liverpool (for want of a Ship bound to any other port of England) where I was taken ill, and lay two months in the most dangerous situation, of the Dysentery, so that my Board together with the Doctor's Bill exhausted me of that little I expected to live upon during the time I should be obliged to tarry in London, which the Reverend George Micklejohn informed me would not exceed two months at longest; so soon as I was capable of walking about I left Liverpool to come here on foot, but being unaccustomed to walk far at a time, my feet bled and were extremely sore so that I could not walk more than 10 miles per day, and being without money I sold my cloaths for less than quarter value to travel upon, and for the 4 last days of my Journey, I lived upon a penny a day, immediately upon my coming into London, I presented to the Bishop the Letter which your Excellency was pleased to direct to him, who informed me that it was insufficient to obtain the End of my coming over, as well as a recommendation I had signed by the Vestry of Orange, vizt Majr Lloyd, Thos Heart, Davd Heart, Robt Lyth, Jas. Watson, Mark Morgan and Francis Nash, and that if he ordained me upon those alone he should render himself answerable for my maintenance—Mr Micklejohn's Letter to Doctor Burton is of no more service than if I had never had such a thing, for Dr Burton says that he has but a very superficial acquaintance with Mr Micklejohn and can do nothing for me upon his recommendation. What to do in this deplorable situation I could not tell; here I was far from my native country, destitute of friends, relations, money and employment to support me; the Devil that great Foe to Men and who is unwearied in his attempts to ruin their precious, immortal

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Souls was not neglectful of making use of this opportunity, and I am greatly apprehensive would have accomplished his End, by causing me to be guilty of that fearful crying sin, Suicide, had I not luckily have heard of Miss Tryon and then of Captn Collet who immediately relieved me in that despondent despicable, and indigent situation, but still I am not likely to succeed, unless your Excellency will be pleased to inform my Lord, that if he will ordain me your Excellency will provide me with a place, upon the reception of which Information my Lord has promised to ordain me. I blush to ask so great a favor of your Excellency, especially as I have done nothing to merit it, but as it is the only method by which I can succeed, as I have sold all in North Carolina, and assigned my place there, as my motive to enter into Ecclesiastical Orders was not worldly Lucre, but by purity of Doctrine, and the leading of an exemplary Life, to be serviceable to those of my fellow mortals who are brought up in so much ignorance of the true Religion and great disaffection to Government, and as I have ventured my Life, come into a strange country and suffered almost beyond conception, I am compelled [a word quite unintelligible] to solicit your Excellency in the most importunate manner, to inform my Lord that if he will ordain me to preach the Gospel, your Excellency will make provision of a place for me,

I am your Excellency's &c.