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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Wills Hill, Marquis of Downshire
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
January 01, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 167-168

[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to Earl Hillsborough,

Brunswick the 1st January 1770.

Mr Murray and Mr Brice Dobbs having vacated their seats by their long absence out of the province, I beg leave to recommend the three following gentlemen for his Majestys nomination. Mr Marmaduke Jones, Mr Chief Justice Howard, and Mr Samuel Cornell, Mr Jones I appointed Attorney General on the death of Mr Robert Jones late Attorney General, and recommended him to the Earl of Shelburne as a gentleman of the first eminence at the bar here, and well qualified to fill that office. He possesses a genteel and easy fortune, and his abilities I am persuaded will be serviceable in Council. Mr Chief Justice Howard's attachment to his Majesty's government, his knowledge in business and the dignity of his office make him a useful member of Council, Mr Cornell is a merchant of the first credit and fortune in the province, a native of New York, about forty years of age, of a very genteel and public spirit; as an evidence of the latter, he lent me, for the use of the public, six thousand pounds proclamation money to carry on the governors house at Newbern,

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without whose assistance the building must have been greatly retarded. These three gentlemen have signified their willingness to obtain the honor of taking a seat in his Majestys Council. In the year 1766 I mentioned Mr Thomas Lloyd and Mr Samuel Swann as proper persons to sit in Council, the former has lately acquainted me his practice in phisick would too much interfere with his duty as a Counsellor, therefore declines being again recommended, and the latter may now be too far advanced in years to attend the laborious duty of a Counsellor of this province, especially as I understand he is retiring from the practice of the bar. Mr Eustace McCulloh has been with one years leave from me, more than two years absent from the province. As he is now appointed Agent, I presume he will procure his Majestys leave, if he choose to continue in Council, as well as to apply to the Lords of the Treasury for further leave from his office as collector of Port Roanoke in this province. Mr Heron and Mr Strudwick I expect will return next summer, for at present there are but seven gentlemen of the Council in the province.

The conduct and management of the collection of his Majestys Quit Rents in this country, have always been accompanied with irregularity and uncertainty, nor can I see a possible prospect of better order established until the Auditor, as in Virginia, gives annually a list of the names of the patentees and occupants of lands to the Receiver General, for his direction, as a Rent Roll, This is submitted in the plan I have already sent home for a reformation in the management and receipt of his Majestys Quit Rents, the accomplishment of which end will require length of time great integrity and diligence in the officers employed.