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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to the Vestry of St. James' Parish
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
July 17, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 219-220

[From N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Governor Tryon to the Vestry of St. James' Parish.

Palace at Newbern July 17th 1770.


I have had the satisfaction to receive by your direction a Letter dated 11th of May from Messrs Ancrum and Wilkinson, Church wardens of St James' Parish, wherein the Reverend Mr Wills is declared to be a Gentleman worthy of his sacred Function. In consideration therefore of such honorable Testimonial and Mr Wills desire to receive Letters of presentation and Induction for your parish, I have complied with such desire remaining under the clearest conviction that I have a full right to do so, and which I esteem my

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unbounded duty to perform, however finding by the above mentioned Letter that “you conceive from the best information you can “procure that no power of presentation or Induction is lodged in “the Crown by any Act of Assembly in this Province.”

I have this favor Gentlemen to request of you that you will continue to extend your good offices and friendly notices to Mr Wills until a better Title to presentation can be set up and established, than what I claim under the Crown.

I am &c,