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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Daniel Burton
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
July 22, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 220-222

[From N. C. Letter Book. S. P G.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to the Secretary

Palace at Newbern July 22d 1770.


If I have delayed punctually answering the favor of your Letters of the 12th June, 3rd July and 16th August 1769—I have not failed to keep steadily in view the Recommendations of the Society in behalf of Mr Jones and Mr Drage. The former I have fixed in St

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Stephens Parish Johnston County, to the satisfaction of the Inhabitants, Mr Drage has met with great difficulties in his Establishment and probably will have many more yet to struggle with. At his request I with pleasure sent him Letters of Presentation and Induction for St Lukes parish Rowan County. Copies of his Letters to me and mine in answer, all of which I herewith transmit to you, will certify the difference that subsists in religious opinions in that part of the Province. I conceive the firmness of Mr Drage's conduct claims the protection and countenance of the Society.

Mr Johnston who was ordained at my recommendation by the Bishop of London at about the same time with Mr Burgess, I last week presented to Society Parish Bute County, as he is a sensible and prudent young Man, I have favorable expectations from his Ministry.

I have also given to Mr. Wills, Letters of Presentation and Induction to St James' Parish New Hanover County, copies of the correspondence that passed between the Vestry and myself on the subject of Mr. Wills presentation accompanies this Dispatch. I Directed the Letter of Induction to the Reverend Mr. Cramp, who was last year presented to St Philips Parish Brunswick county. These two gentlemen I must desire leave, through your good offices warmly to recommend to the Society for a Mission to each, of Thirty pounds per annum without limitation. They accepted of their respective parishes on the condition that I would obtain for them the above Missions. Mr. Cramp declined accepting of the parish of George Town in South Carolina, valued at £1000 South Carolina currency per annum in full assurance of my success with the Society in his behalf. Both Mr. Wills and Mr. Cramp stand in need of the support recommended on account of the peculiar difficulties of their situation and the backwardness of the Inhabitants to acquiesce in their Establishment.

Your correspondence of the 16th of August last afforded me much satisfaction as it conveyed to me the very flattering testimony of the Societys approbation of and encouragement given to my endeavours to promote the cause of the mother church, my success must in a great measure depend on their generous support for as there are many Engines employed to countermine my operations the liberality of the Society in support of the clergy is the strongest Battery under the present circumstances of the country, that can be opposed to the enemies of the church. His Majesty having been graciously

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pleased to indulge me with one year's leave of absence from my Government next Spring, I hope to have the honor of giving more satisfaction to the Society by a personal conversation with them on the state of the clergy here than I can hope to convey to them in a literary correspondence, at the same time I shall be happy in embracing your most obliging invitation to a particular acquaintance with you, with all due acknowledgements to the honorable Society and much esteem for yourself.

I am Sir, with regard & c.