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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Ralph McNair concerning the regulators at the Hillsborough District Superior Court
McNair, Ralph, 1742-1784
October 09, 1770
Volume 08, Page 245

-------------------- page 245 --------------------
Deposition of Ralph McNair.

North Carolina


This day came Ralph McNair before me Robert Palmer Esqre one of the Members of His Majesty's honourable Council for the Province aforesaid and made oath upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that on Monday the 24th day of September last in the Town of Hillsborough in the Province aforesaid he saw Hermon Husbands, James Hunter, William Butler, Ninian Bell Hamilton, Jeremiah Fields, Matthew Hamilton, Ely Branson, Peter Craven, John Frint, Abraham Teague, and Samuel Parks, amongst a number of men called regulators who were chiefly armed with wooden cudgels or cow skin whips wherewith they assaulted and beat John Williams Esqre. That some of the number attempted to strike Richard Henderson Esqre Associate Judge of the Province aforesaid, while he endeavoured from the Bench window to moderate their fury; that soon after they had run to surround the Court House he saw them return beating and pursuing Colonel Edmund Fanning till he took shelter in the Store of Messrs Johnston and Thackston which they instantly beset, demolishing the windows and threw dirt and stones or brickbats into the House in order to force him thence. That they also beat several other Gentlemen on the same day. That on the following night he heard a Party or Parties of the said People called Regulators patrolling the streets to the terror of the Inhabitants, That the Deponent's House was assaulted by Persons unknown, his windows broke, and he also heard the windows of several other Houses broke about the same time, and as he supposes by the same people; that Richard Henderson Esq. not thinking his person safe did as he believes depart the Town the same night, although the Court stood adjourned only till next day, and not till Court in Course, and that the Regulators exasperated thereat, did, as he was informed on Tuesday the 25th day of September aforesaid, assault the House of Col. Fanning aforesaid, break and destroy a considerble part of his household furniture, drink & spill the liquors in his Cellar, and almost totally demolished his house, the ruins whereof he the Deponent saw the day following.


Sworn before me this 9th day of October 1770.