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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Johnston to Alexander Elmsley
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
November 07, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 257-258

-------------------- page 257 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Samuel Johnston Esq to Alexander Elmsley.

Edenton 7th Novr 1770.

Dear Sir,

I have just recd yours of the tenth of August inclosing Mr Turner's Deputation and an Invoice of sundries shipped to Norfolk in the Neptune Capt. White amtg with charges to £143 18s. 20d. Sterlg for which sum I shall take care to Credit your acct as also for the £25 Sterlg pd you. The Goods are not yet come to hand but make no doubt they are safe and have sent in for them. I am truly sensible of your friendship in the trouble you have taken to procure me the Deputation to the Naval Office, I like it because tho' it is not so lucrative as some of the other Offices Mr Heron held yet it will be attended with less trouble. I shall be careful that you are in Cash to pay the sums you stand bound for on that acct and request the favour of you to make the payments regularly as they become due out of any Monies of mine you may have in hand.

I have often thought of the scheme of Buying and selling Bills you mention and the only difficulty and what I could never get over was that no person would draw for proc. whom I could venture to trust. Granberry always refused to draw at any rate and there are very few others whom I should care to trust for a large sum so long as a twelve month. However as you and Mr Barker proposed being concerned I will endeavour to do something in that way tho' I am afraid it will be too late for this season as I am to set out for New Bern in a day or two to the Court and shall not return till after the Assembly which meets the 30th and should not care to draw without a certainty of being able to dispose of the Proc.

You do not say anything of my old Aunt. I had lately a letter from her acquainting me of your having paid my fathers Debt and also £100 in part of her Legacy, I have since that sent her a larger sum. I would be glad to know the amount of what you paid her on acct of my father's Debt that I may Credit you and charge his Estate.

The Orange Mob has again been in Arms they broke up the Court beat the Lawyers and threatened Judge Henderson who was the only one present, Fanning's House was torn to pieces and his furniture destroyed after they had beat and insulted him most inhumanly,

-------------------- page 258 --------------------
every body flew from the Town the Merchants are afraid to send any goods to that part of the Country and some have actually deserted their stores. The Governor has ordered Genl Musters of the Militia all through the Country and I suppose there will be another expedition to Hillsborough and a new emission of Currency of course. I should be glad to hear from Colo Fenier, his mother writes me he is just about to be married, pray make my Compts. to him when you write next. Mrs Johnston is much obliged to Mrs Elmsley for her advice with regard to the Chaise, she and my sisters desire to be remembered by her.