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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Association by Edmund Fanning et al. concerning the actions of the Regulators
Fanning, Edmund, 1739-1818; Nash, Francis, 1720-1777; Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807; Et Al.
Volume 08, Pages 273-275

-------------------- page 273 --------------------
[From MS. Records in the Office of Secretary of State.]

Loyal “Regulators”' Association.

We the Subscribers true & Faithful subjects of our Sovereign Lord King George the third (whom may God long preserve) having for a very considerable Time past been justly alarmed at the unaccountable conduct & behaviour of a set of people, who have impudently usurped the Title of Regulators; & being now roused by the unparalleled Insolence offered by an assembled Body of them to one of his Majesty's Supr Courts of Justice begun at Hillsborough on the 22d Day of Sepr last past, & at the lawless & Brutal Violence excited against the Members of the Court in the presence of the Judge, (sedente Curia) & seeing & hearing with the heaviest Concern & most alarming apprehensions the numberless outrages committed by them in the most open & daring manner against the persons liberties & properties of many of our fellow subjects are stimulated to step forth with a manly & loyal Resolution in support of the Laws & constitution of our Country. Declaring in the Integrity of our hearts that we think it not only an authority permitted, but a duty enjoined by the Laws of God & Nation, strenuously and bravely to defend ourselves against & openly when called upon to oppose such who by these proceedings, now demonstrate to the World that they are actuated by a spirit of licentiousness sedition & Riot & that they have adopted principles & are pursuing measures dangerous to the Constitution subversive of all the ends & Designs of Good Government obstructing the Execution of wise & beneficial Laws violating the common Rights of mankind in Society & destructive to the peace & prosperity of the publick—We profess to fear God & Reverence Religion—& we mean by this our unanimous association on this awful & trying occasion to approve ourselves the declared Friends of our happy Constitution & supporters of those Glorious British Maxims & Laws whereby we are entituled to the protection of our persons & a security in the peaceable and undisturbed possession of all our boasted Rights Liberties & priviledges as freeborn English subjects—We esteem it a Duty inculcated by our Blessed Religion (the best natural institution on earth) & a Doctrine clearly established by Holy Writ that every man is by Nature a soldier aginst the Traitors of his King, & those who would disturb the peace of Society, or Violate the Laws of his Country;

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we further esteem it our Christion Duty to relieve the poor protect the Innocent & to redress the injured—& finally since neither the Fear of God, the sacred awe of Religion, the authority of Laws nor yet the love of Mankind are sufficient to restrain these infatuated people from the most astonishg Depredations & unheard of Acts of Barbarity & Cruelty, We feel ourselves constrained by the Dictates of self preservation a principle not imbibed by Education or inculcated by municiple obligation, but instilled in the soul & impressed upon the Human Heart at our Nativity by the God of universal Nature—to enter into this Association Wherefore We do solemnly & sincerely depose & swear on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that we will for the grand purposes aforementioned be true to & stand faithfully by assist & protect each other & that whenever We are called upon or required that we will immediately laying aside all other Business & Concerns repair properly accoutred for the purposes of self preservation & mutual Defence ready to enter upon any Enterprize that shall be agreed upon by a Majority of the Redressors present & continue the pursuit of such undertaking until relinquished by a consent of Majority present & that we will on every occasion in consequence of this our Engagement convene together as soon as possible & protect support & Defend each other to the utmost of our powers & abilities, so help us God.

Redressors to be our Title, & Rules for Government & Conduct of ourselves to be established occasionally by the Majority of our Body.

Edmd Fanning
David Harris
Jacob Mason
Francis Nash
Lem Benton
Joseph Glasson
Jas Monroe
John Tuder
John Roberts
Adlai Osburn
Joseph Possey
Thos Harte
Alexr Martin
Peter Leuery
James Murphey
Wm. Hallums
Jesse Benton
Joseph Rogers
John Litterel
John Hagan
Jno Cameron
Thos Johnston
Thomas Farmer
Jas Morroe
Jno Nunn
Josiah Lyon
Jas Dwining
Isaiah Hogan
Jo Garner Jr
Wm Nunn
John Wood
Jno. Hay
Ron Harris
James Durnin
John Woods
Lenr Henly Bullock
Ransom Southerland
John Collins
Wm. Williams
John Henley
Jeremiah Horton
Joseph Williams Junr
Hope Taylor
Willr Mebane
Thomas Henderson
Zachariah Hogan
Willr Thetford.
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Stephen Jett
Thos Carter
Hugh Tinnin
A 36 Y
Darby Henly
Benjamin Thompson
Thomas Stroud
Edmund Hendly
Steph Poe
John Harris
Jas Dunbar Hendly
Wm Johnston