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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Daniel Earl to Daniel Burton [Extract]
Earl, Daniel, d. 1790
March 29, 1771
Volume 08, Page 542

[From N. C. Letter Book, S. P. G.]
Letter from Revd Mr Earl to the Secretary. (Extract.)

No Carolina Edenton, 29th March 1771.

Reverend Sir,

Since my letter to you of last Autumn, I have baptized in this parish, 49 Infants and 3 black adults, and baptized several Infants brought to me from Neighbouring parishes where they are destitute of Ministers, as sickness prevented my visiting them. I lately made a visit to Berkley Parish where I baptized 19 Infants and three adults, and intend shortly, if God spares me health, to visit them again. Our Church at Edenton is so much out of repair that neither minister nor congregation can stand the inclemency of the weather in it without greatly risking their health, but I am in great hopes it will be repaired before next Winter, as some of the Inhabitants offer to contribute for that purpose, and I have sanguine expectations that the vestry will make up the deficiency.

I am, Yours &c