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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of James Ashmore concerning the destruction of supplies for the North Carolina militia
Ashmore, James
June 22, 1771
Volume 08, Pages 622-623

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
About the burning of General Waddell's powder.

North Carolina, Mecklenburg County Ss.

The Deposition of James Ashmore of full age who being voluntarily sworn on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God voluntarily deposeth and saith that he this Deponent with a number of other persons was convened at Andrew Logan's old plantation in consequence of an advertisement (set up by one James McCaul as it was said) when and where this Deponent was accosted by one James White Junr to know whether this Deponent thought it any harm to burn the powder then carrying through the County aforesaid, to the army then under the Command of General Hugh Waddell, to which this deponent made answer that according to the Reports passing of the

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Governor & his officers that he did not think the bare burning of the powder any Harm and that then this Deponent went Home & the Day following between the Hours of ten and eleven o'Clock in the forenoon this deponent quit work on his plantation and went to look for his Horses, when about three quarters of a mile from his House this Deponent was met by six men disguised in the Road, who in appearance resembled Indians, but after some time was distinctly spoke to by the aforementioned James White, who insisted on this deponent to go with them, who after some persuasion consented in part & then went Home with his Horses, & after returned with Joshua Hadley to a place about half a mile from this Deponent's House where were assembled with himself nine persons, to wit, James White Junr John White Junr William White Robert Caruthers Robert Davis Benjamin Cockran Joshua Hadley & William White son of the Widow White who all went thence disguised to Capt. Phifers old muster Ground where they found & stopped the Waggons and enquired for the powder that was carrying to Genl. Waddell when in the Waggon belonging to Colo. Alexander they found the powder & took it out of the Waggons broke open the Hogsheads & Kegs that contained the powder, & set the same on Fire & destroyed some blankets, leggins, kettles and other things, & then dispersed soon after, having at this Deponent first Joining of them sworn him to secrecy as they informed him they all were before, and further this Deponent sayeth not.


Taken sworn & subscribed before me this 22d June 1771.
Thos. Polk.