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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from William Tryon to colonels of the North Carolina militia
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
March 30, 1771
Volume 08, Pages 700-701

Wrote to the Colonels of Rowan Mecklenburg, Tryon and Anson a Copy of the following letter.

-------------------- page 701 --------------------

Wilmington 30th March 1771.

Having appointed by Commission Hugh Waddell Esquire General of the Forces raised or to be raised to suppress the Insurgents in the back Settlements of this Province I have by special Instructions impowered him to embody the several Detachments ordered from the Western Counties and to march them into the Settlements of the Insurgents to join the Forces that are under orders to march from the Southern and Eastern parts of the Province in order to compel the Insurgents to a perfect obedience to Government. You will therefore assemble properly equipped the number of Officers and Men as required in my Letter to you of the 19th Instant at such time and place as the General shall appoint who will then receive and march the Detachment under his command. The Commissary will provide also the number of Waggons quantity of Provisions and ammunition that the General shall direct and in all things obey his orders.