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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Robert Hogg, Archibald Maclaine, and William Hooper
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
May 27, 1771
Volume 08, Pages 716-717

Sandy Creek Camp 27th May 1771.

Robert Hogg, Archibald Maclaine and Willam Hooper,

I have been favored with your letter of the 23rd instant by Express. I entertain the most favorable and grateful sentiments of the Spirit and Loyalty which you have testified by your late exertions for the Public Service. Since the action at Alamance of the 16th Instant upwards of fourteen hundred of the Inhabitants have come into Camp and submitted themselves to Government, and as from the general reports through the Settlements many more will come in agreeable to my Proclamation of Pardon as soon as the weather will permit and they are informed of the Proclamation, and as I cannot learn that there are any Body of Men collected to oppose Government and the Army is in high Spirits, I am satisfied we are fully sufficient to restore Peace to the Country without putting the Public or Individuals to any additional expence by raising of new Forces—Agreeable to your request I transmit to you an account of the Battle

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of Alamance and am with much respect and esteem to yourselves and constituents,