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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Lords of the Treasury of Great Britain to John Pownall
Great Britain. Treasury
July 02, 1771
Volume 09, Page 5

-------------------- page 5 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. America & W. Indies. Vol. 218.]
Letter from the Lords of the Treasury

Treasury Chambers 2 July 1771

Sir [John Pownall],

A Petition of Alice Heron, Widow and Executrix of Benjamin Heron Esqre deceased, late Deputy Secretary of the Province of North Carolina, having been laid before My Lord Commrs of His Majesty's Treasury, praying their Lordships to grant her an ample compensation for her late Husband's great fatigue, trouble & service in forming an Abstract of all the Lands in the said Province which was performed by him, pursuant to Orders which he received from Governor Tryon in consequence of His Majesty's Commands signified to the Governor by the Earl of Shelburne. I am ordered by their Lordships to transmit the same to You, for the information & Opinion of the Earl of Hillsborough.

I am Sir &c