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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Guilford and Orange Counties concerning the pardon of Thomas Welborn, including related certification
Butler, John, d. 1786; Et Al.
August 25, 1771
Volume 09, Pages 25-27

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Orange and Guilford Countys North Carolina
August 25th 1771

To all persons whom this may Concern Know ye, that whereas Thomas Welborn has lived in the neighborhood of Sandy Creek near hand about fifteen years in the Countys and province aforesaid it tis requested of his friends and Acquaintance, A Letter of his Recommendation, which we the subscribers hereof, Do hereby Certify, the above sd Thomas Welborn to be, A man of Justice and

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Honest Integrity in his Dealing and Conversation neither Known, nor Suspected to be Guilty of Fraudulent Practices, But Contrary wise, Upright in his Generation, and A true Loyal Tenant to his Majesty, Excepting the Late Insurrection and Rebellion, as did arise in the Countys aforesaid, & Given Under our hands the Day and Year first above written.

Semore York
Jeremiah York
John Duncan
Tidence Lane
James Billingslee
Phill'p Sitton
John Lance
Joseph Hinds
John Hinds
Francs Jenkins
Wm Welborn Junior
Levi McCullom
John McGee J'. O.
John Alread
Denis Hobkins
Saml Walker
Jacob Hinshaw
William Hinche
Shubal Stearnes


North Carolina—

To his Excellency Josiah Martain Esqur his majestys Capt Generall & Govrnour in Chief in and over the said Provance

The Petition of the Inhabitains of Guilford and orange Countys Humbly Sheweth that Whereas the Leat Insurections and Rebelions that did Prevaill in this Provance to Such a degree that it did desturb the Pease & tranquility of Provance & also to the Great Prajduce of many Indeviduals & to the Publick in Generall Whereas By the means of Leading and designing Persons in this unhapy Confedresy intending appearntly to Subvert Govrement many honest & Well minded men Were drawn in and over Presweaded to joyn in this unnatruell Combination Whereof the Person that We Begg Leave to Petition your Excellency for is one to-Witt thomas Welborn Who now Stands out-lawed But no Reward advrtised for taking him We your Excelency's Petitioners Being Well aquanted With the said Wellborn's formor Life & Conversasion it Being honest and agreeabel. Which Incorag us your Excellancy's humbel petitioners To Erenestly plead & Begg that your Excellancy Would Grant to him amost grasios Parden as We have no merit to Plead yet moved With pitey When We See a pooer morning Wife With a Learg family of Small Childeren and very Littel to Suport them & Soon Will be Exposed to the outmost Extremity & Now as your Excelency is now Entering on the ademensteration in this Goverment such Extensive

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charity & marcy Extended as to Restor this said Wellborn to his formor Libarty and Intitel him to his majesty's Protection & We your Humbel Petitioners as in duty Bound Shall Ever Pray

John Butler
John McGee
James Barre
David Barnhill
Thomas Willson
Frank Jenkins
Shubal Stearns
Semore York
John Marsh
Jeremiah York
Tidence Lane
James Billingslee
Phillip Sitton
John Lance
John Wood
Denis Hobkins
Jones Maxwell
Alexander Russel
Nathaniel Lyon
Samuel Allen