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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from William Armfield et al. concerning the pardon of Ninian Hamilton
Armfield, William; Et Al.
Volume 09, Page 39

-------------------- page 39 --------------------

To his Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina &c and the honourable gentlemen of his Majistis honourable Counsel


May it Please your Excellency and your honners we the subscribers whose names are heare unto annexed Persons in no wise conserned in the Late unhappy Disturbence occasioned in this Provence By a set of People Called Regulators Begs Leave to Recommend or Represent to your Excellence and your honers one Ninnian Beall Hamilton one of the unhappy as well as unfortunate Persons now outlawed as we understand for the Late Riot Committed at Hillsborough as a Person we are well acquainted with, some of us from his youth up and others from this several years Past as a Person who has Ever Been Estemed as a very Industrious and honest Man and a man very much Respected by all who knew him untill he was unhapley Deluded By some means or other to take Part in a Matter he Did not know the Consequence of, But we your Petitioners from these Reasons and on accounte of a wife and three small Children who Depends on him for a support Do in the most humble Manner Petition your Excellence to take the same into your wise Consideration and grant this unhapy man such Repreafe as your Excellence in your Wisdom shall seem meet

And youre Pertionners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray

William Armfield
Hugh Blair
John Ellot
William Armfield Jr
Jonas Touchstone
James Calhoon
Jeffroy Beck
Thomas Willson
Thomas Knight
James Coots
Jeremiah Suliahan
Francis McNary
Isaac Armfield Junior
William Thomas
John Stuart
Jack Edwards
John Blear
David Smith
Timothy Morphy
Levi Denington
James Buchanan
Patrick Hays