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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Morgan Brown concerning his actions as Anson County Sheriff
Brown, Morgan
November 12, 1771
Volume 09, Page 51

-------------------- page 51 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To the Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly now Seating

The Petition of Morgan Broun, Humbly Sheweth.

That he was Sherriff for the County of Anson for two years; and that his lenity to the People in their impoverisht Circumstance, was such as put it out of his Power, to settle his Accts and pay the Publick money within the time by Law Appointed, Therefore and in Order to Comply with the duty of his Office, he sold of his own Estate, to Mr James Robinson in Lands, sufficient to Discharge Your Petitioner from the Public, which the said Robinson undertook and Engaged to do, but neglect'd and left this Province before he Settled with the Publick Treasurer for your Petitioner, agreeable to promise. About that time the People Rebel'd and refused to pay their Tax's; and your Petitioner was Sued and imprisoned a Considerable time. At length the Gaol Door Open'd and he Came out Escape Warrant Issued, and your Petitioner was obliged to fly to the south, in hopes that his Collectors would be so Honest as to settle, and pay the money in their hands, but as yet he has had no settlement with them; They and others that is Indebted, to your Petitioner knows that he can't appear in Publick to recover his Debts, And Imprisonment will ever Deprive him of paying the Publick. And under the Present Circumstance he cannot call his Collectors and others to Acct &c. Tho your Petitioner has upwards of Five Hundred Pounds due to him, besides a good number of Tax's Accompt'd for in his Settlement, and not received by your Petitioner, they being solvent Persons he settled with the Court for. Your Petitioner under the present unhappy Circumstances, Prays Relief, so far, as the Proceedings against him may be stop't for a time, in Order that your Petitioner may settle and Collect his Debts, which will in a short time Inable him to Comply with all his Creditors, which is his sincere Desire and your Petitioner as in duty Bound shall Pray.


12th Novr 1771