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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Jones to Nathaniel Duckenfield
Jones, Thomas, d. 1797
November 29, 1771
Volume 09, Pages 60-61

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Thomas Jones Esq to Sir Nathaniel Dukenfield.

Pardon the trouble I am about to give you touching an affair that has very much disgraced the Magistracy of this County; you must know then Sir, that last Tuesday was the day appointed by Law for holding the Inferior Court of Tyrrell on which day appeared six Attorneys the Sheriff of the County and the Clerk of the Court at the Court house who continued there until Thursday Evening with the Grand and Petit Jurors plaintiffs and defendants with their witnesses as also Constables & during which time only two Justices appeared Vizt Colo Buncombe & John McKildoe, of Course no Court could be held for want of a third Magistrate—Until Thursday the people attended with becoming decency & patience, they at

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length grew Clamorous, damn'd the absent Justices (I think with propriety) and then prevailed upon McKildoe to adjourn the Court over to the next Term, and went to their respective homes. Some Gentlemen of property & Fair Character in this County then met together, and agreed upon the persons set down in the inclosed List to be only placed in the Commission of the Peace for this County and that the same should be transmitted to the Governor and Council. I imediately offered my service on this occasion, and have taken the liberty to state with truth the ill conduct of the Justices who neglected the publick business in so shameful a manner. The Sheriff & Clerk of Tyrrell will attend the Council board. It will be further necessary for me to add that no County Tax is laid, no Lists of Taxables are returned, no Sheriff qualified, in totidem verbis all in confusion anarchy & uproar; pray therefore lend your helping hand to remove this injury from a good people, & restore peace to His Majesties ancient County of Tyrrell.

I am Dr Sir, &c

Tyrrell Court House 29th Novr 1771.


A List of Justices for Tyrrel County

Stevens Lee
Edward Buncombe
Joseph Spruil Lucky
James Long
John McKildoe
William Barnes
Francis Lee
John Stewart
John Everett
Edmonson Edward
Samel Heck