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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Thomas Caressy, William Fullerton, and Charles Yeats concerning public assistance
Caressy, Thomas; Fullerton, William; Yeats, Charles
December 03, 1771
Volume 09, Pages 62-63

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To the Honorable Mr Speaker and Gentlemen of the Assembly of No Carolina 3d December 1771.

The Petition of Thomas Caressey, William Fullerton and Charles Yeats, Humbly Sheweth—

That some Time in the month of March or April Last Your Petitioner Thos Caressey listed in the Carteret Detachment

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and went out under the Command of his Excellency Governer Tryon as a Soldier against the Insurgents, and in the Battle of the Alamance Received three wounds: one throu his Belly: & one throu Each arm; and in his Right arm the Bulet is Lodged Between the Bones; so that it Can not Be Cutt out; which wounds has Entirely Deprived him from Doing any thing for a Livelyhood; & he has no Estate To Live on—

That your Petitioner William Fullerton in the same service; and in the same Battle Recd a wound in his Right Shoulder out of which since has Come eighteen splinter Bones By which his arm is Renderd Quite useless to him and as the Bone Dos Still Keep working out the wond is never Likely To get Well—

That your Petitioner Charles Yeats in the same Servis, and at the same Battle Recd a wound in his Right Rist which Cut the Leader of his fingers By Which his Hand is Rendered useless To him—and your Petitioners Humbly Hopes this Honorable House will Consider your Poor Petitioners each of them According to their several Circumstances, and afford them such Relieff as in yr wisdom may be thought proper, and yr petitioners as in Duty Bound will pray &c.