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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Guilford County concerning dams on Deep River
Jackson, Absalom; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 87-88

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To His Excellency Josiah Martin his Majestys Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and Over the Province of North Carolina, and to the Honourable the Members of his Majestys Council, Mr Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly

The petition of us the Subscribers inhabitants of Guilford County Humbly Sheweth: that your petitionars is Deprived of that Natural & profitable priviledge of Catching fish in Deep River as formerly by its Chanel being stopt by several mill Dams being made quite

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across said River to the Great hurt of many poor familys who Depended on said fishing for great part of their living, it being well known that No River of its Size in this provence afforded a greater Quantity of Exelant Shad and other fish. We therefore Humbly pray that you through your great goodness would Condesend to pass a law in our favour so far as to oblige the owners of said dams to afix proper flood gates in their dams from the mouth of said River to Field & Dicks mill above the trading path and them to keep open at proper times from the tenth of fabruary to the tenth of april that the said inhabitents may in some maner be Restored to their former priveledge of Catching fish and your petetioners as in Deuty Bound shall ever pray

Absalom Jackson
Promintor morgan
Henry Burron
william ellet
Jacub Jones Sener
Jacub Jones Juner
Phillup Selers
Henry Moss
James Raney
Isam Let
James Lowe
Archibald Hamilton
John Parr
Richard Norton
Joseph nill
David Smith Juner
John Smith
Osburn Lemar
John Clark
Isaac Robings
George Farlon
Jonathan fincher
William Bell
Games Dougan
David Luis
Benjamin Bailey
Henry Underwood
William Ward
Jonas Swift
Ruddey Morgan
Zebedee Wood
Samuel Walker
Sam Deveney
John McKay
William Erving
James Walker
Thos Hood
Robert Field
Samuel Jones
Aquila Jones Juner
George Thorpper
John Phips
Wlliam walker
Philburd Wright
Peter Julen
John Beverley
Eli Branson
Christian Shultz
Jessee adams sen
Stephen Jones
Isaac Starnes
William Welborn Jun
Robert Kirkpatrick
John Rogers
William Norton
John Cabel Juner
Edward Conder
Elias Cain
Ninian B. Hamilton
John Walker
bengeman briner