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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Rowan County concerning the county boundaries
Whitson, Thomas; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 91-92

-------------------- page 91 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To his Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire his Majesties Capt General, Govournour and Commander in Chief in and over the province of North Carolina his Majesties Honourable Councill and house of Burgesses—

The petition of the Inhabitants of the upper Settlement of the Catawba River Yadkin River and three Creeks Humbly Sheweth

That we your Humble petitioners being part of the Great County of Rowan and near one hundred and forty miles from Salisbury our present Seat of Justice and never has had the opportunity of having any magistrate yet in our Settlement so that we Cannot Recover any Small Debts without Infinate trouble and Cost, which said Distance is Chiefly attended with Several Dangerous waters and Many other bad properties which puts our Settlement to many disadvantages and this being the third time we have petitioned for a County—

We therefore Most Humbly Beg your Excellency and Honours Would take this our Necessity into your prudent Considerations and Grant us a Seperate County Agreeable to a former petition viz—Begining at Beatys ford Wheare Tryon Line Crosses the Catawba River then Runing up the South side of the said River to the Mouth of Lower Little River then Runing a straight Course to the Mulbery fields upon the Yadkin River from thence a North Course to the top of the Blue Ridge from thence along the top of the said Mountain to Wheare Tryon Line Crosses the said Mountain then Down the said Line to the Begining which will Contain one hundred miles in Length and sixty miles in width Chiefly thick setled, and as we Conceive fully able to Support a County as we allow we have at this time About two thousand taxables and Better and your petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever pray

Thomas Whitson
James Mooer
John Connelly
James Winston
John Pierson
Simon Jonas
William Baldwin
John Baldwin
Jno McMullin
Ezekiel Forman
Alexr McMullin
William Morrial
William McMullin
John Weakfield Senr
John Weakfield Junr
Cherls Weakfield
Saml Lapesly
Veazey Husband
Marwian Honeycutt
Robt Biggem Perkins
Abraham Colet
William Courtney
Wm Husband
Loommi Husband
-------------------- page 92 --------------------
John Baldwin Jr
John Morgan
James Bleir
William Wittenburg
Edward Kilian
Idam Edent
Joseph Wittenburg
Ute Sherrell
Peter Henly
John Fish
Joseph Lowrance
John Reddin
John Stogdon
Joshua Perkins
John Briges
Alexdr Thompson
Henry Pearson
Samuel Thompson
Henry Yeargen
John Conn
James Condon
Henry Thompson
Thos Givirs
Barnett Lockman
Abm Womack
Matthias Fisher
James Litten
James Osborn
James Martin
Leeroy Taylor
Moses Wakefield
Henry Wakefield Senr
Wm Richie
Hezekiah Forman
Henry Wakefield Jr
Saml Sherrell
Adam Sherrell
Micage Pennington
Benaja Pennington Sr
Benaja Pennington Jr
Charles McPheters
Amos Bird
Frances Hughes
Bajamon Pennelton
Mr Rose
John Tailler
William Haysey
John Walch
John Davis
John Ralah
James Nixton
David Nilson
Nathaniel Young
Aaron Ward
Hugh McDowell
John Honeycut
Wm McBride
Thomas Haire
James Lapesly
John Hall
Robert Husband
Wm Stewart
John McDowell
Charles McDowell
Joshua Young
James Barnes
Thomas Burchfield
Sewell Young Sr
Philip Young
Sewell Young Junr
Aiton Young
Samuel Young
John Allen
John Shamly
Ephriam Cox
John Witherspoon
William Penland
George Penland
Robert Penland
John Kees Senr
John Kees Junr
Robert Banks
Peter Banks
John Dobson
James McKeaney
Paul Whitley
Michael Whitley
Richard Travillion
John Travillion
Joab Travillion