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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Orange County concerning the pardon of John Fruit
Johnston, Charles; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 93-95

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To his Excellency Josiah Martin his Majestys Captain General, Governor, Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina

The petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of Orange County Humbly Sheweth.

That whereas John Fruit one of the out Lawed Regulators, hath ever since he came to years of Maturity behaved himself as a useful member of Society and in all things becoming a subject of great Britain, until he unfortunately fell in with that most Extraordinary set of Enthusiastick people Called Regulators; we also further humbly shew that the said John Fruit hath a wife and sundry small Children who are in the utmost Distress, for want of that Comfort and Support which he as a Father and Husband ought to supply them with and as he sheweth such great signs of Penitence for the past follies of his life promising ever obedience to the Laws of this province as becomes a Subject of great Britain, we are in Charity bound to hope that he, if Pardoned would again become a good subject and useful member of Society, and therefore Humbly pray that your Excellency would Extend to him his Majestys

-------------------- page 94 --------------------
most gracious pardon and we your Humble petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Charles Johnston
Andrew Patterson
Robert Cate
Malcomb Baldrige
John Baldrige
Alexr Mebane
William Blackwood
Samuel Allen
Jeremiah Horton
Philip Jackson Junr
Jno Temple
Abraham Allen
William Trousdale
William Mathis
Thomas Lockhart
William Reney
Joseph Holloch
W Phillips
Alexr Mebane Junr
Robert Rea
John Hopkins
Jno Trousdale
Matthew Woods
James Wilkins
John Hodge
Robert Strain
Thomas Strain
Edward Thomas
David Mitchell
Wilm Bradshaw
Wm Anderson
Wm Cate
John Woods
Thomas McCurdy
James McCauley
John Allen
Stephen Wilson
Richard Bird
Thos Taylor
John Dawes
Daniel McDaniel
Matthew Holdy
William McCurdy
Robert Baldrige
Daniel Baldridge
Eliander Dussell
William Brashar
James Mebane
Walter Barnsick
Robert Hunter
James Maxwell
Andrew Mebane
Neil McAlister
David Dennin
Thomas Thomas
Arch Mc Allister
Enoch Bradley
Richard Woods
John Dayley
James Brown
Thomas Clark
John Wood
Warham Glen
John Howell
Michael Robinson
John Dickie
John Rany
Edw Long
Robt Farrier
John Moor
James Smith
Wm Ansley
Wm Robinson
John Hart
Jacob Mason
William Boinns
James Crenige
David Sitt
James McCanna
Wm Rankin
John Butler
John Red
Jas Freeland
David Creag
George Jones
Joseph Allison
Archebeil Borland
William Jackson
Stephen White
Allen Daily
George Allen
John Pugh (Hawfields)
Abraham Rees
Daniel Rees
James Ross
Joseph Sloss
John Sloss
Daniel Hanley
James Yellen
Tho. Mains
Robert Cochran
James Thomas
Joseph Whitley
Aaron Hopkins
Henry Pennington
Daniel Rees Jun
Alexander Young
Alexr Graydon
John Burhard
Josy Rusle
Alexander Furgerson
John Cook
Thomas Abot
John Abot
-------------------- page 95 --------------------
Robt Burnside
Robert Mebane
James Tening
Sackfield Brewer
Wm Armstrong
John Latta
Joseph Duncan
John Tabor
John Blackwood
Samuel Patton
Gilbert Theborn
William Craig
William Murray