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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Granville County concerning the tax on free negroes
Howard, David; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 97-98

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To the Honble the Speaker and Gentn of the House of Assembly

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Granville County Humbly Sheweth, that by the Act of Assembly Concerning Tythables, it is among other things enacted that all free Negroes & mulato women and all wives of free Negroes & mulatoes are Declared Tythables & Chargeable for Defraying the Public County & Parish Levys of this province, which Your Petitioners Humbly Conceive is highly Derogatory of the Rights of Freeborn Subjects—Your Petitioners therefore Pray that an Act may pass Exempting Such free negroes & mulatoe women and all wives other than Slaves of free negroes & mulatoes from being Listed as Tythables & from paying any Public County or Parish Levys and Your Petitioners shall ever pray &ca.

David Howard
John Knott
James Langston
Thos Philpot
John Williams, T. R.
Richd Person
Francis Howard
John Smith
Charles More
Christopher Hunt
William Washington
James Caudill
Isom Caudill
Carter Hedgebeth
Francis Deavenport
Cutbird Hudson
Beniamin Bass
Lewis Anderson
Edward Bass
Davie Michell (negro)
Rubin Bass
Lawrance Pettiford
William Chavis
Samuel Huckabay
Lewis Collins
Thomas Butler
John Gwin
George Whitlock
Humphrey Davis
Josiah Stovall
Ben Bearden
Lovet Gates
Thos Owen
James Hester
Nathan Sanders
John Wilkerson
James Nowil
Thomas Head
John Head
Martha Knight
Nathan Chiles
Benjamin Hendricks
Willis Roberts
James Williamson
William Hunt
Thos Lowe
Isham Johnson
Isaac White
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Isaac Head
Joseph Hill
William Cawthon
Wm Wallis
Jno Tuder
Jno Badget
Groves Howard
Aquila Kohn
Gibea Chavis
Shadrach Roberts
Thomas Wellingham
William Wharton
John Hart
John Harris
Robert Downey
Jonathan Knight
John Fullilove
Daniel Standard
William Head
George Fagans
Charles Spaulding
Henry Spaulding
William Mathews
James Downey
Richd Burton
Benjamin Glaze
John Davis