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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of Great Britain concerning instructions to Josiah Martin concerning a post office in North Carolina, including instructions
Great Britain. Privy Council
May 15, 1772
Volume 09, Pages 289-291

[B. P. R. O. No. Carolina. B. T. Vol. 17.]

At the Court at St James's
the 15th day of May 1772.
The King's most Excellent Majesty in Council.

Whereas there was this day read at the Board a Representation from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations with a Draught of an additional Instruction for the Governor of North

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Carolina (prepared by them in pursuance of his Majesty's order in Council of the 6th of this Instant) requiring him to recommend to the Assembly of the said Province to pass a New Act to encourage and support the Establishment of a Post Office in that Province free from the objections stated in the said additional Instruction against an act passed there in 1771, intitled “An Act to encourage and support the Establishment of a Post Office in this Province.” His Majesty taking the same into consideration was pleased with the advice of his Privy Council to approve of the said Draught of an additional Instruction—(which is hereunto annexed) and to order as it is hereby Ordered, that the Right Honourable the Earl of Hillsborough one of his Majesties principal Secretaries of State do cause the same to be prepared for his Majesty's Royal Signature.

Additional Instruction to Our Trusty and Wellbeloved Josiah Martin Esqre Our Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over our Province of North Carolina in America or in his absence to the Commander in Chief of the said Province for the time being. Given

Whereas it hath been represented unto us, that a law was passed in our Province in North Carolina in 1771, intituled, “An Act to encourage and support the establishment of a Post-Office in this Province, enacting, among other things, that if any Accident shall at any time happen to a Post-rider or Mail-bearer on the road either by sickness of himself, failure of his horse,” or otherwise it shall and may be lawful for him to apply to such person as may be nearest, resident to the place where such Accident may happen who is thereby required to convey the Mail to the next Stage for which he shall be entituled to receive from the acting Post master General of the Province or his Deputy at the Stage, where the mail shall be delivered, one shilling per mile, for every mile he may have carried the delivery thereof” and whereas it appears to us, that the making it compulsory upon the acting Post-master General or his Deputy to pay any Expence that may be incurred, in case of the Accident stated in the Clause above recited is incompatible with the spirit and intention of the Act of Parliament passed in the 9th Year of the Reign of Queen Anne, intituled “An Act for establishing a “General Post Office for all her Majesty's Dominions and for settling “a weekly sum out of the Revenues thereof” for the Service of the

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War and other of Her Majesty's Occasions.” We have therefore thought fit to disallow the said Act. But, whereas it hath been also represented to Us that the said Act contains several useful provisions and the whole seems calculated for the general purposes of Expedition & security in the consequence of the Mails, It is therefore Our Will and Pleasure, that you do recommend to the Assembly of Our Province under your Government, to pass another Act for the above general Uses, free from the Objections hereinbefore recited.