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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Tomlinson to Daniel Burton
Tomlinson, Thomas
July 1772
Volume 09, Pages 317-318

[N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Letter from Mr Tomlinson to the Secretary.

Newbern, July, 1772.

Reverend Sir,

I hope my last letter accompanied by those of the Reverend Mr Reed, have reached you before this time. I have now to acquaint you that I quitted the School on the 13th of April and surrendered my Licence to his Excellency.

What a hardship that this affair in which both my interest and character have been so deeply concerned, should be smothered up without a fair and public hearing!

The suit which I brought against the incorporated Society, so called, as mentioned in former Letters would have been brought to trial last May Superior Court, but the Treasurer a few days before the Sitting of Said Court, paid me down the money (though without any previous public Meeting of the Society) ordered the suit to be dismissed and paid the Costs thereof amounting to about £4 16s. 0d.

Whether this sum is to be paid out of the fund, or out of the Treasurer's own pocket, or of any other individual, is what I cannot pretend to say. Perhaps this may be Kept a Secret as they are not liable to be called to account for any of their proceedings.

I have taken the liberty of drawing on the Society for my Salary for the Quarter which I attended the School in the present year. But to prevent any dispute about paying it, as being only a single quarter, I have directed the Possessor of the Bill to wait upon you

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for your opinion in the matter, before it be presented to the Treasurer. With my sincerest thanks for all favors, I am Reverend Sir,

Yours &c

September 1st, 1772.

P. S. I was disappointed in sending this Letter when I intended. I am now at Rhode Island where I have been for some weeks past, for the benefit of my health after a close confinement for so many years.