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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Chowan County concerning the Chowan County/Perquimans County boundary
Hunter, Elisha; Et Al.
April 10, 1773
Volume 09, Pages 633-635

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Petition from the people of Chowan County.

North Carolina.

To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and Over the Province of North Carolina, The Members of His Majesty's Honourable Council, and to The Worshipfull The Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly of the Province aforesaid.

The Petition of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the County of Chowan

Humbly sheweth

That Whereas, no line was ever run, by Commissioners legally Appointed for that purpose, between the Countys of Chowan and Perquimons, from the first Settlement of the said Countys, and for the Term of Fifty Years, last past, a line running from the mouth of Yeopim River, and so up a Branch of said River to Egerton's Mill, so with a Branch of the same Mill Swamp through a large body of Poccosen Land, in a direct line, so as to strike a place called the Horse Pasture, and the Plantation of a certain William Jackson, lying on the Main road, leading from the Virginia Road, to Perquimons River Bridge, has been the reputed line, dividing the County of Chowan from Perquimons; And Your Petitioners Pray Your Excellency, Gentlemen of his Majesty's Honourable Council, Mr Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, That you will, by a Law, to be by you passed for that purpose, Nominate & Appoint certain Commissioners to run the line as above described, and when

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so run by the said Commissioners, that the same shall stand and remain the proper dividing line between the said Counties of Chowan and Perquimons: And Your Petitioners, in duty bound, will ever Pray, and so forth.

Chowan County, 10th April 1773.
Elisha Hunter
Thomas McNider
Nat. Jones
James Sumner
Frederick Lassiter
Ter Haughton
Aaron Hills
Timothy Walton
Amos Trotman
John Briggs
John Darden
James Costen
John Ewing
John Norcom
David Rieg
Demsey Bond
Joseph Rogges
William Bond
Wm Boyd
John Coffield
John Beasley
Thos Hunter
Abner Eason
Jos. Worley
Thomas Brice
Richd Humphreys
William Halsey
Benjamin Small
Joseph Parrish
William Liles
Dimsey Simson
David Jones
Clement Hall
Richard Whedbee
Cadar Hill
Jacob Norfleet
Hend Standing
Absalom Blanshard
Isaac Lewis
Jacob Powell
John Dardan
Thos Gregorie
Jacob Hunter
Abraham Harrell
Miles Halsey
John Mitchel
Diamissian Minshaw
Luke Taylor
Josiah Copeland
Argile Timons
Jonas Bynam
Pelatian Walton
William Hinton
Thos Oldham
Shadrach Bunch
John Hicks
Charles Benbury
Job Leary
John Hopkins
Jacob Jordan
Nicholas Stallings
Saml Popelston
Thos Hoskins
Jonathan Roberts
James Farrow
Charles Jordan
Wm Hoskins
James Price
Da Haynes
Simon Stallings
Aaron Blanshard
James Knight
William Hinton
Jacob Hinton
William Bond
Elisha Harris
Richard Hoskins
Joseph Johnston
Joseph Wilkins
John Bond
Samuel Green
Moses Hare
Isaac Byram
John Garrett
John Evans Junr
Amos Laster
Jethro Melteer
Thomas Walton
Zebulon Mansfield
Benja Berryman
Christopher Gayle
Thomas Rountree
Edward Welch
Thomas Gooding
Tho. Jones
Thomas Ward
James Gregory
Robert Walton
James Brice Junr
Abraham Hill
Champen Spivey
Wilm Luten
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Amos Hobbs
Samuel Meguire
John Lewis
William Kelly
James Freeman
Thos Wright
Henry Thompson
Thomas Brooks
Henry Champion
Jesse Eyeland
William Jones
Patrick Hicks
Jonh Nail
John Kim
Moses Blanshard
James Bivans
John McTeohe
Moses Wood
William Munds
Micajah Chappell
Micajah Bunch
Charles Rountree
Thomas Wood
Guy Hobbs
David Welch
William Birkit
Jemay Trotman
Thos Jones
Joseph Champion
James Thompson
Robt Hardy
Rob Smith
Andw Little
Robt Patterson
Robert Black
David Davis
Jas Henderson
George Colquhaun
Archd Campbell
Willm Bennett
David Baxter
William Dennody
Alexr Montgomery
Matthew Montgomery
Joseph Whedbee
John Addison
Will Righton
Jacob Simons
Thomas Standing
John Leary
Peter Adams
John Hornsblow
Jno Boggs
Jno Green
John Bennett
John Mushrad
Aurt Elberson
James Woodbine
O. Dickinson
John C. Bains
William Haughton
William Askewes Jr
John Rombough
Charles Hindsley
William McAlpen
Thos Bonners