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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Beaufort concerning town legislative representation
Thompson, William; Cole, William; Robertson, William; Bell, Joseph; Gaston, John
March 17, 1773
Volume 09, Pages 640-641

The Petition of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of
Beaufort in the County of Carteret to Governor Martin.

Humbly shew your Excellency that the said Town was incorporated by a Law of this Province in the year One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty three, that by Royal mandate passed in Council on the eighth day of April in the year one Thousand seven hundred and fifty four, twelve Acts passed at sundry times for erecting precincts, County Towns and Parishes was repealed, amongst which was the Act for incorporating the said Town of Beaufort, that on the Representation of the General Assembly setting forth the many inconveniences with respect to the future Settlement of this Province might arise from the repeal of the said Acts, His Majesty was graciously pleased to Order and instruct his then Governor to give his assent to pass a Law to reëstablish the same with certain provisions and restrictions in the said Orders mentioned. That in the year One Thousand Seven hundred and fifty six an Act was made for the reëstablishing the said Counties and Towns, the Royal Prerogative for Incorporating Towns being therein reserved. That your Petitioners further shew your Excellency that many of them though having been long residenters have neglected to pursue such steps as might entitle them to elect a member for the said Town, to represent them in the General Assembly of this Province, but the great

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increase of people as well as Trade of late years are sufficient inducements and highly necessary to make application to your Excellency for that purpose now, That by a Law of this Province passed in the year One Thousand seven hundred and fifteen intituled “An Act for appointing a Town in the County of Bath and other purposes,” is thereby enacted that when Representatives or Burgesses are to be chosen for the Precinct wherein the Town lies, to elect one Burgess to represent the same in all succeeding Assemblies, provided the said town have sixty families; That your Petitioners on a nice Canvas and fair calculation of the number of Families now residing in the said Town amount to sixty and upwards, and that your Petitioners empower and request that the Commissioners by Law appointed for the said Town do certify the same to your Excellency under their hands and seals and that the premises considered your Excellency will be pleased to order a Writ of Election directed etc for your Petitioners the Freeholders of the said Town to elect a Burgess to represent them in the next General Assembly of this Province and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray etc

By Order and Request of the Inhabitants and Freeholders this 17th day of March 1773.