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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Bladen County concerning the pardon of Reynold McDugal, including cover letter from Maurice Moore
Moore, Maurice, 1735-1777; Lock, David; Et Al.
September 02, 1773
Volume 09, Pages 683-685

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 220.]
Letter from Judge Maurice Moore to Governor Martin.

September the 27th 1773.


The Bearer of this Letter waits on your Excellency with a Petition in favour of one Reynold McDugal, a boy of about 18 years of age whom Mr DeRosset and I condemned on the 9th instant for Murder. There is no reason to doubt of his having been guilty of the fact, the testimony against him was clear. But, Sir, I think

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from his appearance he is too young to be executed, to judge of him from his size and looks, one would not imagine him more than thirteen or fourteen years old.

I am, &c.,

The Humble Petition of the Magistrates, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the County of Bladen to Governor Martin,


That whereas Reynold McDugal of the said County hath been legally convicted at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and found guilty of the murder of Joseph Atkinson, but out of mere pity to his youth and inexperience we most humbly beg leave to present him to you (not the least doubting your tenderness and humanity) as a real object of your Excellency's mercy. For tender consideration of his youth being only eighteen years of age, and in his figure so diminutive that he does not wear the least appearance of manhood, this too being the first crime he has been accused of and from the real contrition and unfeigned repentance he expresses of his guilt adding to these that he is the sole dependance of an infirm old widowed mother with four helpless, miserable orphans and in her present circumstances already reduced to indigence and want and having no other person whose labour and industry can save her and her miserable children from absolute wretchedness and beggary. We your Petitioners cannot help viewing him as an object of pity and compassion and as such most humbly present him to your Excellency's clemency. From these considerations, we most humbly petition your Excellency to grant him a Reprieve 'till Royal clemency can be obtained.

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray, etc.

David Lock Junr
Benjamin Lock
James Bailey
Walter Gibson
Benjn Fitzrandolph
Wm Oliphant
Francis Lucas
James Carver
Leonard Lock
Ao Brown
Angus Sillar
Angus Sillar Junr
Archd Bricebird
Angus Camel
Alexr McKlarty
James McKlarty
Malcolm McBryde
Neil McCoulskey
Christopher Gooden
Donald McKeithen
Duncan McKeithen
Gilbert McKeithen
John Taylor
Archibald McKeithen
Daniel Taylor
Angus Taylor
Daniel McFather
John McFather
John Pemberton
James Pemberton
Alexr Mines
Daniel Graham
Malcolm Graham
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Malcolm McFarland
Murdock Graham
Michael Graham
David Lock Junr
William Elles
John Elles
John McKown
Robert McKown
William McKown
Daniel Campbell
John Campbell
Archd Darock
Iver McKay
John McLeod
Alexr Graham
David Boyd
Richd Lloyd
George Thomas
John DeCamp
Jas Green.
Handn Lewis
Wm Starkey
Handson Lewis Junr
Daniel Shipman
Daniel Shipman Junr
William Bryan
Evin McMullan
John McDuffie
William McNeil
Andw McCleland
John McCleland
Archd Sillar
Wm McRei
Edwd Bryan
Ben Humphreys
Geo. Brown
Archd Taylor
Neil Shaw
John Shaw
Stephen White
Alexd Shaw
Gilbert Shaw
Archd McCoulskey
James McCoulskey
Archd Shaw
Chas McNaughton
Jno McLason
Jas Murphy
John Buss
Daniel Shaw
John Shaw Junr
Dugal Blise
Simon Burney
John Connelly
Benjn Beasly
Robt Beasley
Will Lucas
Chas Baldwin