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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by a committee of the North Carolina General Assembly concerning a petition from John Nuchols concerning tax collection on the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary
North Carolina. General Assembly
February 1773
Volume 09, Page 803

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Report of Committee on Petition of John Nuckols.

The Committee having taken into consideration the Petition of John Nuckols find that the facts contained therein are true and being apprehensive that the Public will be Sufferers by the Difficulty that must ensue in Collecting the arrears of Taxes due from the Inhabitants belonging to this Colony before the alteration of the Boundary line between North and South Carolina, Recommend that the House address His Excellency the Governor requesting him to write to the Governor of South Carolina desiring him to recommend to the Assembly of that Province, the passing of an Act impowering the Collectors of Public Taxes of this Colony to levy and collect the Taxes due from those Inhabitants to this Province before the alteration of the said Line. It is also our opinion that John Nuckols being an officer of this Colony, and having suffered in its Service is intitled to the allowance he claims from the Public for the Injuries he has sustained.