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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Guilford County concerning the location of the county public buildings
Rollston, Richard; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 806-809

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina, To the Honourable his Majesties Council and to the Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly now met

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Guilford County

Humbly Sheweth

That whereas some persons Inhabitants of this County through lucrative views have made it their Business to raise Disquiet and uneasiness in the minds of the people who live in the enterior parts of the County relative to the fixing the Court house Prison and Stocks for said County by industriously forwarding a Petition to the General Assembly for appointing other Commissioners to establish the same Agreeable to their Schemes and lucrative Views And Whereas the Commissioners Appointed by the late Act of Assembly for establishing the above mentioned County have already laid out a place for erecting the Publick Bulidings which we are satisfied of to be the most Convenient and Centrical Place to the Inhabitants of this County particularly for good Water and plenty

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of Timber for Carrying on the buildings. We would therefore humbly beg that you would reject every Petition to the Contrary & that no alteration be made relative to the Said Buildings as it will be attended with Great Inconvenience (as well as the expence of paying two setts of Commissioners) to the Inhabitants of the said County, And we as in duty will ever pray &c &c

Robert Rollston
Robt Rollston
Henery Cook
Jos Cook
Thos Blear
Thos Hogan
Thos Allen
Robt Brasher
Assa Brasher
Nathl Harris
Alexr McClarin
Darby Calleyhan
Zebolin Davis
Richd Vanlandingham
Forlin Dobbs
Wm Dickson
Rubn Dickson
Reuben Grady
William Crump
Thomas Gray
William Hopper
James Cotton
Robert Fisk
John Fisk
Naam Michel
Francis Cook
John Glen
Richard Davison
William Bostick
Charles Galloway
John Walker
Joel Walkor
Gidion Johnson
Ozinben Headpath
Nathaniel Fields Jr
Jonas Frost
Reubin Shoar
James Harrison
John Nitson Sr
Robert Nitson
John Nitson Junr
Exlander Nitson
Frances Young
Saml Young
Joseph Cunningham
Michael Troulenger
James Hays
Isaac Sanmon
John Willots
David Pursall
John Pursall
Richard Henderson
Charles Mitchell
Zachariah Roberson
Nath. Watson
James Sanders
Charles Philups
James Philups
William Dickson
Reuben Dickson
Fortus Dobbs
Mathew Scoot
Isaac Wheaton
Andrew Scoot
James Preston
Thomas Connor
Wm Campbell
Saml Fulton
James Lay
Moses Short
John Niel
Saml Short
James McBride
William Steal
John Steal
James Steal
Thomas Statt
Richard Sharpe
John Sharpe
George Oliver
James Varnan
William Lewes
John Simmond
John Wotton
David Wotton
William Wotton
David Fulton
Joseph Buffinton
Thomas Willson
Saml Buchanan
William Buchanan
Saml Morrow
Nath. Fields
Timothy Murfey
Wm Boyd
Giles Carter
Benjaman Carter
John Parish
John Thomas
Gehu Fanning
John Hill
William Hill
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Charles Cox
John Garner
Christopher Cobler
John Davison
Lewis Cobler
Jas McBride
William Mortimore
Jacob Short
Jeremiah Nichols
Jas Olefer
James Hone
Andrew Endsley
Saml Vance
John Brasell
John Filumin
John Endsley
Lers Crasse
Zacr Martin
George Juder
John Nash
Wm Howlet
John Anderson
Alexr Tassey
Jno McMachen
Jno Blair McMachen
James McCuistion
Edwd Holland
David Waddell
Edward Hunter
Francis McNary
John Allison
John Tison
Thos Thornburgh
Joseph Unthank
Richard Williams
Zach Dicks
Wm Stanley
John Battinger
Daniel Worth
Thos Jessop
Thomas Ham
Chas Webster
Simon Moon
Wm Nelson
James Endsley
James Periman
Isaac Rollston
Isaac Dawson
Augustin King
Nickles Laremore
Saml Lorrinis
Thos Henderson
Saml Henderson
John Hinoson
John Reagan
Valentine Allen
James Smyth
Nathaniel Hokett Sr
Joshua Edwards
James Johnson
Samuel Hargrave
John Unthank
Walter Stallins
Jacob Jessop
Caleb Jessop
Thomas Jessop junior
Timothy Jessop
Joseph Jessop
William Jessop
Jno Clark
Henry Reed
Moses McClean
George Raye
Isaac Coulson
Jacob Coulson
William Rapper
Adam Mitchell
Robert Rankin
John White
John Blear
Nathaniel Hoggatt
William Farriow
John Barker
James Reagan
William Grady
George Peay
Edward Hunter
Thomas Joyce
Eleander Joyce
John Joyce
John Davis
Addam Gann
Nathan Gann
Samuel Gann
John Pratt
John Smith
Powell Stamper
Joseph Tate
William Gonedy
Willer McCorston
James Tucker
Wm Parsley
George Hamilton
Wm Anderson
Abrahm Macklehatten
Robt Harwick
Peter King
William Forster
Nicholas Barron
Wm Sumner
Jesse Walton
John Stigner
Julius Mitchel
Pard Burk
Clayborn Rice
James Jones
James Porterfield
John Mitchel
Hugh Forster
Arthur Forbes
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Robt Mitchell
John Rankin
Robert Rankin
John Flenner
John McDonal Sr
John McDaniel Jr
Robt Irvin
James Barr
Daniel Barr
Robert Barr
William Seewey
John Hunter
Willm Coverton
Robt Nelson
John Nelson
Alexr Nelson
John Nelson Jr
John Walker
David Walker
Joel Walker
John Rosse
J Smith
Constant Perkins
Samuel Hunter
Charles Perkins
Thos Henderson.