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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Orange County concerning county boundaries
Sanders, James; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 809-810

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor, in and over the Province of No. Carolina, The Honourable Council, and Gentlemen of the House of Burgesses;

The Petition of the North Part of Orange County,

Humbly Sheweth,

That whereas by the large Extent of the sd County, it renders it very Burdensome to attend Courts, General Musters &c, We pray that a line Beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virga line, then Running South with Granville line twenty five miles, then West to Guilford line, then with Guilford line North to the Virginia line, then sd line East to the first station.

And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound, shall ever pray.

James Sanders Junr
William Sanders
Mark Brown
Adam Sanders
Pet. Terry
David Griffin
Richd Moore
Thos Donoho
John Graves Junr
Zachariah Henderson
Ben. Hubbard
James Graves
Thoss Slade
Jno Smith
Wm Iss Zarol
Joseph Williams
Duke Walobone
John Smith Jr
John Cochrane
Samuel Saul
Abram McMillian
James Lea
Joseph Henderson
Elijh Bryan
John Lea
Major Lea
Robert Campbell
Thos Lea
Andrew Haddock
James Gillaspy
Alexr Galaspy Junr
Alexr Gowen
Thomas Serdson
John Gowen
Daniel Gowen
Emas Gowen
Alexr Gowen Senr
Stephen Norton
Andrew Harrison
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John Cearcy
Charles Boulton
Peter Baxter
Francis Shackleford
James Sarders Senr
Alexr Montgomery
George Runnals
Saml Cowan
Wm Lea
Abraham Miles
James Roberts
John Petete
Edward Oxford
Jacob Williams
Joseph Baron
Thos Wilson Jr
Wm Ansly
William Wilson
John Cooper
William Meadows
David Roper
John Walker, Junr
John Walker
Pak Porter
John Robertson
Jacob Robertson
Robert Whitlock
Willm Lea Juno
Alexr Rose
John McIver
Joseph Serratt
Saml Hendron
Peter Barkson
Frederick Brock
John Paine
John Lea
James Wilson
Elliot Lea
Elisha Bowdre
Henry Lea
Nath. King
John Bradsher
Jas Lea
Zach. Lea
Arthur Mitchel
Andrew Z Narrick
James Lea
William Lea
Henry McCoy
William More
Jno Campbell
John Chambers
John Smith
Frederick Miller
Thos Willson
James Willson
John Mitchell
James Russel
William Lea
Carnett Lea
James Lea
Thos Dobbins
David Maxfield
Charles Stephens
James Long
Edward Maxfield
James Chaden
George Nokes
Robt Portis
Wils Madfield
James Robertson
Robert Kreesy
Andrew Caddol
Edmund Lea
Jos Hex
James Dixon
Ephraim Gold
Robert Smith
Arthr Harris
Peter Black
Elija Harralson
James Stuart
Burgis Harralson
George Black
Daniel Duncan
Abram Fulkerson
Archd Campbell
John McFarling
Robert Byos
Reubin Smith
Walter Buttler
Claud Murhead
Timothy Warrin
Jonathan Allen
Annanicy Allen
Isaac Allen
John Cauthon
William Paschal
Jas Stewart
Francis Kerney
Jos Kerney
Joshua Kerney
Jas Murphy
Alexr Murphy
Anthy Murphy
James Randell
Robt Deever
William Williamson
Francis Wright