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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
March 08, 1773 - December 20, 1773
Volume 09, Pages 811-812

-------------------- page 811 --------------------
[Journals Board Trade. Vol. 81.]

At a Meeting of His Maj. Commrs for Trade & Plantations. Monday March 8th 1773.
Mr Jenyns
Mr Gascoyne
Lord Greville Mr Jolliffe

The Earl of Dartmouth one of his Maj. Principal Secretaries of State attends

[P. 51.]

Their Lordships read and considered Twenty three Acts passed in the Province of North Carolina in December 1771 together with Mr Jackson's Report thereupon.

Ordered that the Draught of a Representation to His Majesty be prepared proposing that one of the said Laws may be disallowed Viz.

An Act to amend an Act entitled an Act for founding establishing and endowing of Queen's College in the Town of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County.

[P. 53.]

Thursday March 11th 1773.

Their Lordships took into further consideration one of the Laws of North Carolina mentioned in the Minutes of the 8th entitled An Act to indemnify such persons as have acted in the defence of Government and a letter to the Governor thereupon containing the Board's Observations on several parts thereof was agreed to and signed.

Their Lordships approved and signed a Representation to His Majesty upon an Act passed in North Carolina in December 1771

[P. 82.]

Thursday April 22, 1773.

Their Lordships read and considered letters from the Governors of the Leeward Isles North Carolina and Georgia respecting the clause proposed to be inserted in Governors Commissions for the future to give them the custody of Ideots and Lunaticks.

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[P. 140.]

Tuesday October 26, 1773.

Read Mr Jackson's Report upon an Act passed in North Carolina in March last with a suspending clause for establishing Superior & Inferior Courts of Judicature within that Province and stating several material objections to the said Act and the Earl of Dartmouth having communicated to the Board a letter he had wrote in July last to the Governor of that Colony signifying his Maj. disapprobation of the said Act & containing Instructions to endeavour to obtain another Court Act to be passed under certain limitations & restrictions therein expressed it was agreed that the present Law should lye bye until it was seen what effect Lord Dartmouth's letter would have.

[P. 147.]

The following Letters & Papers were laid before the Board & read Viz

Letter from Governor Martin to the Board dated July 1st 1773 in answer to a letter from their Lordships of the 11th of March last and respecting some Laws passed in that Province.

[P. 177.]

Monday December 20th 1773.

The Secretary laid before the Board public Acts & proceedings of the Legislatures of several of the Colonies in America, the titles of which are as follows, Viz:—

Journal of the Council in Assembly of North Carolina 25th Jany to 6th March 1773.

Journal of Assembly for same time.

Estimate of the Expense of the Upper House of Assembly held at Newbern 25th Janry 1773.

Estimate of Expenses incurred at an Assembly begun & held at Newbern 25th Janry 1773.

Copies of Laws rejected in January Sessions 1773.

Thirty four Laws passed in March 1773.

Copies of Seventeen Laws rejected by the Governor.

Minutes of Council from 22nd Aug. 1772 to 24th May 1773.