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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from inhabitants of Wilmington to inhabitants of Craven County
Moore, James, 1737-1777; Hogg, Robert, d. 1780; Clayton, Francis; Ancrum, John
July 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1017-1018

To the Freeholders of Craven County,


At this conjuncture of the British Politics when the Liberty and Property of North America subjects are at stake; when the schemes of a designing Minister are so far matured to action that the Port of Boston is shut up, that the charter of the Massachusetts Bay is cruelly infringed and its Government converted into one nearly Military, To be silent would be insidious. To avoid such imputations to this part of the Province, we, the Subscribers, appointed a Committee of Correspondence for the Town and District of Wilmington at a most respectable meeting of the Freeholders of this District by their express command, take this earliest opportunity of acquainting you with their resolutions, a copy of which we now inclose you and request that you would send the Members already by you elected, to represent you in the General Assembly, or such other persons whom you shall approve of to appear as your Deputies at the Court House of Johnston County on the 20th day of August next, possessed of the sentiments of those in whose behalf they attend, and with full power to express it as obligatory upon the future conduct of the Inhabitants of this Province, and then and there to consult and determine what may be necessary to the General Welfare of America and of this Province. We at the same time take the liberty to inform you there has been set on foot a subscription for the Relief of the poor Artizans and Labourers of the Town of Boston precluded by one of the forementioned Measures of the British Minister from following their respective Occupations, and we have reason to congratulate ourselves upon the generous contribution

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of the Inhabitants which has put it in our power to load a vessel with provisions which will sail this week for the Port of Salem.

We rely upon your sending an immediate answer to these our Proposals and wishing you success in all your efforts for the support of the constitutional Liberties of America, permit us to subscribe ourselves, Gentlemen

Your most humble servants, &c,