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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Palmer to Josiah Martin
Palmer, William
July 26, 1774
Volume 09, Page 1020

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 222.]
Letter from William Palmer to Governor Martin.

North Carolina New Bern,
26th July 1774.


Agreeable to your Excellency's Order in Council I have perused the Royal Instructions of the 3rd of February last, relative to Lands.

I have made all possible enquiries of the Deputy Surveyors for the different Counties in his Majesty's district in this Province who have assured me that it is their belief there is not to be found in one body a Tract in that district three hundred acres of real good land, most of the lands lately patented being very indifferent, having been taken up mostly with the view to make Tar or for Pine Timber for their Saw mills, but the greatest part by very poor people for Range for their black cattle.

It is my humble opinion that the Royal Instruction with respect to such lands will operate as a prohibition and in all probability the vacant poor Lands will be Pillaged by the destruction of the Timber and Lightwood and the Range destroyed without any benefit to the Crown and but little to the Province by Transient People who are continually passing from one Province to another.

I am &c
Depty Survyr.