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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions of inhabitants of Pitt County concerning resistance to Parliamentary taxation and the Provincial Congress of North Carolina
Hardee, John; Et Al.
August 15, 1774
Volume 09, Page 1030

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Freeholders in Pitt County.

North Carolina, Pitt County,
August 15th, 1774.

At a General Meeting of the Freeholders of the County aforesaid at the Town of Martinborough,

John Hardee in the chair.

Resolved, that as the Constitutional Assembly of this Colony are prevented from exercising their rights of providing for the security of the liberties of the people that right again reverts to the people as the foundation from whence all power and legislation flow.

Resolved, that John Simpson and Edward Salter, Esqrs, do attend at the Town of New Bern on the 25th instant in General Convention of this Province and there to exert their utmost abilities preventing the growing system of ministerial Despotism which now threatens the destruction of American Liberties, and that you our deputies may be acquainted with the sentiments of the people of this County, it is their opinion, that you proceed to choose proper persons to represent this Province in a General Congress of America to meet at such time and place as may be hereafter agreed on. That these delegates be instructed to a declaration of American rights setting forth that British America and all its inhabitants shall be and remain in due subjection to the Crown of England, and to the illustrious family of the throne, Submitting by their own voluntary act, and enjoying all their free chartered rights and libertys as British free subjects. That it is the first law of Legislation and of the British Constitution that no man be taxed but by his own consent, Expressed by himself or by his legal Representatives.

On motion the said meeting was then dissolved.