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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
November 02, 1774 - November 03, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 1079-1080

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Committee of Safety in Rowan County.

November 2nd 1774.

Being appointed for a meeting of the County Committee, A sufficient Number of the Gentlemen appointed to constitute the County Committee not attending the Meeting it was adjourned till tomorrow at 6 o'clock.

November 3rd—The Committee met this Morning according to adjournment, William Kennon Esqr Chairman, James Macay Clk.

Information being made to the Committee by Samuel Young, that John Johnson refused to serve as a Member of the Committee,

Resolved, That Adlai Osborne Esqr be chosen in his stead. Mr Osborne was accordingly admitted a Member of Committee.

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The Members of Committee, finding it extremely inconvenient upon any special Emergency, to assembly thirteen Members

Resolved, That five Members be a sufficient Committee for the time being to act upon extraordinary occasions and that whatsoever shall be done by them shall be considered as the act of that whole Committee.

Resolved, That the Resolution of this Committee entered in the 23rd of September last relative to Mr Dunn and Mr Boote be executed this Day by John Bone Town Constable.

William Spurgin appearing before the Committee to answer a charge against his conduct relative to the protest and advertisement of Dunn and Boote—he denied his having signed them, yet the Committee Judged he had not given entire satisfaction.

Resolved, Therefore, that William Spurgin, Esqr., by disavowing all connection with his county in the present Measures, has as far as in his power relinquished the Rights of the people and opposed them, to be illegally and unconstitutionally taxed by the british Ministry, which has a tendency to spread sedition amongst his Majesty's Loyal Subjects in the County of Rowan. For which he is justly deemed by this Committee an Enemy to his Country, and should be treated as such by all his Majestys loyal subjects in America.

Resolved, That the Chairman with three or more Members of Committee request a Meeting of the people of that Neighborhood at Spraikers as they differ in Opinion from this Committee in the present unhappy dispute between America and the British Parliament, there to confer together for their mutual benefit.

Then this Committee adjourned

Wm KENNON Esqr Chairm.
James Macay, Clk.