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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Chowan County Committee of Safety
Chowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
January 28, 1775
Volume 09, Pages 1133-1134

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. Vol. 221.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Chowan County.1

Chowan County, January 28th 1775.

It being made appear to the satisfaction of the committee for this county that we have violated the eighth Article of the Association entered into by the Continental Congress by being concerned in a horse race—We do therefore most heartily and sincerely declare and profess that we are sorry for our misconduct, and in order that proper atonement be make for such our enormity do promise that in future we shall strictly observe every article of the Association and hope by such behaviour to be reinstated in the esteem and favour of our countrymen and acquaintance which we have justly forfeited by our misbehaviour.



Chowan County, January 28th, 1775.

The committee of this county met at the house of Mr John Cofield and having chosen Mr Luke Sumner their chairman, and Mr Samuel Jones their clerk, made the following Resolves.

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1. That the thanks of this committee be given to Joseph Hewes, Esqre, for the faithful discharge of his duty as a Delegate from this Province in conjunction with the other worthy Gentlemen his colleagues at the Continental Congress.

2. That a subscription be promoted in this county under the direction of Mr Luke Sumner, the Rev: Daniel Earl and Col: Edward Vail, in order to raise a fund to be applied as premiums for such Artificers and Manufacturers as shall within this county make for sale the best and greatest quantity of the following manufactures vizt: Wire Wool and Cotton Cards, Fulled Woolen Cloth, Bleached Linen and Steel.

Signed by order of the Chairman.



1 Published in The North Carolina Gazette, Number 312, February 24th, 1775—Editor.]