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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of the members of the North Carolina Governor's Council
Martin, Josiah, 1737-1786
March 1775
Volume 09, Page 1171

[B. P. R. O. No. Carolina. B. T. Vol. 19.]
A List of His Majesty's Council for the Province of North Carolina.
George Mercer, Lieutt Govr, absent in England.
James Hasell
John Rutherford
Lewis Henry DeRosset
Alexander McCulloch
John Sampson
William Dry
Robert Palmer, absent in England since June 1771, supposed to be with the King's leave.
Samuel Strudwick
Martin Howard
Samuel Cornell
Sir Nathaniel Dukenfield Bart, Absent in England supposed to have resigned.
Marmaduke Jones, resigned.
Thomas McGwire has received his Mandamus but not yet qualified.
JO. MARTIN, Governor.