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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Lee to William Wildman Barrington, Viscount Barrington
Lee, Charles, 1731-1782
June 22, 1775
Volume 09, Pages 1217-1218

Letter from Charles Lee to Lord Barrington.

Philadelphia June 22d 1775.

My Lord,

Although I can by no means subscribe to the opinion of divers People in the world that an officer on half pay is to be considered in the service, yet I think it a point of delicacy to pay a deference to this opinion erroneous and absurd as it is. I therefore apprize

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your lordship in the most public and solemn manner that I do renounce my half pay from the date hereof. At the same time I beg leave to assure your Lordship that whenever it shall please his Majesty to call me forth upon any honourable service against the natural hereditary enemies of our country or in defence of his just rights and dignity no man will obey the righteous summons with more zeal and alacrity than myself; but the present measures seem to me so absolutely subversive of the Rights and liberties of every individual subject, so destructive to the whole empire at large and ultimately so ruinous to his Majesty's own person dignity and family that I think myself obliged in conscience as a citizen Englishman and soldier of a free state to exert my utmost to defeat them. I most devoutly pray to Almighty God to direct his Majesty into measures more consonant to his interest and honour and more conducive to the happiness and glory of his people.

I am, my Lord,
Your most obedient humble servant
To the Right honourable Lord viscount Barrington his Majesty's secretary at war.