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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Hewes to Samuel Johnston
Hewes, Joseph, 1730-1779
May 11, 1775
Volume 09, Pages 1246-1247

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Joseph Hewes to Samuel Johnston.

Philadelphia 11th May 1775.

Dear Sir,

I arrived here the 9th in company with the Virginia delegates. Yesterday the Congress met when all the Provinces that sent delegates before were Represented except Rhode Island; the two Governors from that Colony are expected in a day or two. Mr. Randolph is chosen President and J. C. Thompson Secretary. Doctor Franklin arrived here on Fryday last and on Saturday was appointed a Delegate by the Assembly of this Province; they also added Mr Thomas Willing Jr. and Mr Wilson to the number. Galloway has turned apostate; he struggled hard in the House of Assembly to get a majority to Condemn the Proceedings of the late Congress, and to Petition the King &c. as the Assembly of New York had done; by this step he has lost the Confidence of all ranks of the People. A few days ago a Box was left at his Lodgings in this City directed for Jos. Galloway Esqr; he opened it before several Gentlemen then present and was much surprised to find it contained a Halter with a note in these words “All the satisfaction you can now give your injured Country is to make a proper use of this and rid the World of a Damned Scoundrel.” He is gone off nobody can tell where tho' it is thought to New York. All kinds of business is at a stand here, nothing is heard but the sound of Drum and Fife, all Ranks and Degrees of men are in arms learning the Manual Exercise, Evolutions and management of Artillery; they have now in this City Twenty eight

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Companies of Foot of 68 men each including Officers all of whom are out twice every day in Training, several more Companies are forming; they have also two Companies of Light Horse, in short it is impossible to describe the spirit of these people and the alteration they have undergone since I left them December last; all the Quakers except a few of the old Rigid ones have taken up arms, there is not one Company without several of these people in it, and I am told one or two of the Companies are composed entirely of Quakers. The people of this Province in general are associating in Companies and employing Sarjents to teach them the exercise. I find all the Provinces are in arms except No Carolina. New York has been Converted almost as instantaneously as St Paul was of old. A Tory dares not open his mouth either in that Province or this The Battle near Boston and the Act of Parliament for restraining the Trade of all the Colonies except New York and N. Carolina has wrought the Conversion of New York; I wish to God it may have the same effect on our Province. I tremble for N. Carolina; every County ought to have at least one Company formed and exercised. Pray encourage it, speak to the people, write to them, urge strongly the necessity for it. I had rather perish ten thousand times than they should give up the matter now in the time of tryal.

The Bearer Mr Reed is in quest of some Effects of his Father's who died lately in Pitt County, he is related to some of the first Characters here, if you can render him any services you will oblige me. Please to offer my best Compts to the Ladies, and to all my friends.

I am Dr Sir your mo. Obed. Servt,

Mr Hooper desires his Compliments. This opportunity happened unexpectedly, he has not time to write, nor have I time to write to any other of my friends.

J. H.