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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Daniel Earl to Richard Hind [Extract]
Earl, Daniel, d. 1790
May 15, 1775
Volume 09, Page 1251

-------------------- page 1251 --------------------
[N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Letter from Rev Mr Earl to the Secretary. (Extract.)

No Carola near Edenton,
15th May 1775.

Reverend Sir,

I am sorry that the bad state of my health has not permitted me to visit any of the neighboring parishes this spring who are destitute of a Minister of the Gospel, and much distracted by Sectaries of the Anabaptist kind, but purpose if the Almighty favors me with better health to visit them this Summer.

As some dawn of reconciliation between Great Britain and her colonies and a prospect of mutual intercourse between his Majesty's subjects on both sides of the atlantic seem lately to appear, I have drawn on the Society's Treasurer for a half years salary due on the 25th of March last in favor of Mr. Robert Cary & Co in order to remit me some necessaries for my family, if Trade should be opened between Great Britain and America, which I am very much in want of, as I have not received a shilling of my Salary from my parish for near three years partly occasioned by the want of Court Laws by which collectors of Taxes are empowered to receive them, and partly by the difference between the parent country and her colonies, nor could I get any remittance for my Salary from the Society since last March was a twelvemonth owing to the present unhappy differences.

Revd Sir, yours &c,