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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of North Carolina concerning land grants near the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary
Thomas, Robert; Et Al.
Volume 09, Pages 1260-1263

To the King's most Excellent Majesty in Council,

The humble Petition of some of your Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, being Freeholders of Lands by virtue of your Majesty's Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of the Province of North Carolina, which Lands by the extending and establishing the late Boundary Line between the Provinces of North and South Carolina, in pursuance of your Majesty's Orders in Council, have fallen within the limits of the said Province of South Carolina,


That until the extending and establishing the said Boundary Line to the Westward, as far as the above said Lands the same Lands were generally deemed and taken by the Inhabitants of both the said Provinces, to be within the limits of the said Province of North Carolina.

That prior to any extension of the said Boundary Line, as far westward as the said Lands, your Petitioners in order to settle and subsist themselves and their families applied for and obtained Grants of the same Lands by your Majesty's Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of the said Province of North Carolina, and in consequence thereof, did settle, cultivate and improve the same.

That by the late Establishment of the said Boundary Line, the same Lands thus granted by your Majesty to your Petitioners, have fallen within the limits of the said Province of South Carolina.

That your Petitioners thereupon most humbly conceived, that no further Authentication of your Majesty's said Grants were necessary, for the quieting them in the peaceable enjoyment of their said Lands, than the entering a Memorial thereof, and of the mesne Conveyances thereupon, in the Office of your Majesty's Auditor General of the said Province of South Carolina, as this measure must effectually ascertain

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where, and by what Authority, your Majesty's Quit Rents, and the Arrearages thereof, due for & accruing on the same Lands, are to be collected and received.

That your Petitioners have in consequence thereof procured memorials of the said Grants and of the mesne Conveyances thereupon, to be entered, or have tendered the same to be entered, in the said Office of your Majesty's Auditor General of the said Province of South Carolina: But

That your Petitioners to their great concern are notified by Proclamation, and Instructions from your Governor of South Carolina, that the Officers employed in your Majesty's Land Office in that Province, do require that your Petitioners should be at the further trouble and expense of surrendering your Majesty's said Letters Patent for granting the said Lands, under the Great Seal of the said Province of North Carolina and of procuring thereupon new Grants of the same Lands from your Majesty under the Great Seal of the said Province of South Carolina or otherwise, that the said Lands shall be deemed vacant, and liable to be granted to any other Persons applying for the same.

That your Petitioners are apprehensive that such surrender of your Majesty's said old Grants, and procuring of such new Grants, will not only be attended with great trouble and expense, but with manifest injustice and oppression to your Petitioners, as such a measure will probably open a door to great litigation, suits and controversies relative to the title of the said Lands, by reason that Grants thereof may have been obtained by other Persons, under the Great Seal of the Province of South Carolina, subsequent to your said Majesty's old Grants, but prior to such new Grants.

That your Petitioners conceive that in consequence of such new Grants, the Revenue arising to your Majesty from the Quit rents due and accruing on the said Lands, may suffer considerable diminution, as many years quit rents on some of the said old Grants are now in arrear; and therefore that the aforesaid Officers employed in your Majesty's said Land office in South Carolina will be the only Persons benefitted thereby.

Your Petitioners therefore most humbly pray, that in consideration of the Premises, your Majesty will be graciously pleased to make such an order in Council for the relief of your Petitioners as may effectually tend to quiet and establish them in the peaceable

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possession and enjoyment of their said Lands and their Habitations and improvements thereon.

And your petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c,

Robert Thomas
Elijah Walls
John Portman
Tobias Poastton
Geo. Blanton
John Grindle
Thomas Nichols
Charles Hames
Robert Wilkins
William Fawcett
Javas Evans
John Denard
John Scrugs
John Timmons
Thomas Timmons
Joseph Burtchfield
John Weddingman
David Allin
Jos M. Cool
Christopher Snead
John Young
Jeames Wood
John Wood
Moses Wood
William Wood
Jeames Burtchfield
Obediah Oliphant
Alex: Martin
Saml Spencer
John Fagort
Jno Kirkconell
Thos Neel
John Dunn
James Cook
Henry Wright
Robt Lusk
Joseph Moon
James Lusk
William Smith
John Goudybock
Toby Dewbery
James McDade
Hugh Ross
William Johnson
George Webb
Adam Goudybock
Hugh Guin
Wm Soldies
William Gaston
John Thomas
Robert Patton
Robert More
John Clark
Alexander Kilpatrick
John M'Gui
Patrick Mory
John Mayfield
James Stein
Mathew Robertson
John Moore
Robert Evans
James MeBee
Elijah Watts
John Stein
John Shippey
Thomas Morton
Samuel Blan
Robert McMillan
Thomas Keen
Matthew Porter
William Vines
John Moss
Matthew Moss
Samuel Moss
Moses Quawls
Ephraim Clark
Henry Clark junr
Isaac Parker
Jacob Barns
Jonathan Kilkee
Jno Alexander
Robt Patterson
Robt Patterson junr
William Lauchlin
Nathaniel Porter
James Reed
Wm McAdow senr
Peter Patterson
James Patterson
Robert Black
Robert Lowery
Thomas Wade
John Beard
Wm Clinton
David Neel
Nubery Stockton
Robert Lowry
Matt. Floyd
James Hope
James Wilson
David Watson
James Paterson
Wm McElver
James Tempelton
Thomas Clark
John Watson
William Watson
John Chambers
James Smith
Richard Price
William Wilson
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John Maner
John Duhn
Thomas Maner
Hugh Horton
Robert Black
George Julian
William Carr
Henry Smith
Abraham Smith
William Smith
Jno Smith
Willm McAdou
David McAdou
Arter McAdou
James McAdou
David Byers
Daniel McCasson
Daniel McClaren
David Porter
Charles Gillham
Ezekiel Gillham
Gilbert Gillham
Thomas Gillham
William Gillham
James Gillham
Thomas Gillham senr
John Davidson
Robert McCorday
Robert Lockery
Jn Dawen
Thos Brandon
Jno Thompson
Jas Sten
Jno Sten
Willm Sten
William Beard
William Stuard
James Alborn
John Patton
Thomas Polk
Joseph Harden
Charles McLean
William Moore
John Robinson
Richd Lamkin
Willm Alston
James Mullen
Gide Smith
Daniel Smith
Jno Shipey
Jacob Garner
Willm Willson
Joseph Killpatrick
Matt Floyd
Wm McMullen
Nathaniel Gretten
Jno Lovladay
Marschel Loveledy
Francis Wilkey
David Wilkey
John McUmlon
Willm McCoun
Geo. McCoun
John Morehead
Richard Rose
Hugh Rose
Robert Luske
Jno Hindman
James Scott
Jas. Davidson
John Kirkconnell
John Moffat
John McKenny
Zach. Bullock
Willm Sharp
Richd Price
James Darven
Thomas Branden
Will Carr
Jno Smith
Saml Wilson
Jno Weighdingham
James Nickols
John Wilson
John Barber
Willm Brown
Willm Byers
William Pegues
John Speed
Jno Thompson