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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Josiah Martin to Henry White
Martin, Josiah, 1737-1786
June 13, 1775
Volume 10, Page 16

[Reprinted from the American Archives. Vol. 2. P. 974.]
Copy of the Intercepted Letter from Governor Martin to Henry White.

Cape Fear, North Carolina, June 13, 1775.

My Dear Sir:

I take the liberty to enclose herewith a letter to Mrs Martin, whose safe arrival I am most anxious to learn, the winds having been easterly almost ever since her departure.

I shall be extremely obliged to you if you can contrive to send me, with the royal standard I mentioned to you some time ago, or without it if that is not to be had, a good tent and markee, of the size of the Colonel's tent in the Army, with a tent-bed to fit the boot of it, and furniture, viz: mattress, bolster and pillows; to be sent by any vessel bound to Cape Fear River, or in default thereof to Newbern, directed to the care of Mr Cornell.

I should rejoice to see a prospect of a happy termination of the present deplorable times, that more or less threatens the happiness of every man throughout the British Dominions.

My compliments and warmest good wishes attend you and Mrs White and all your family—and I am, dear Sir, ever yours,

The Honourable Henry White Esq., New York.

P. S. I forbear to give you your due additions on the outside of my letter, to obviate prying curiosity.