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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Wilmington Committee of Safety to Samuel Johnston
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
July 13, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 91-92

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Safety Committee in Wilmington to Samuel Johnston Esq.

Wilmington, July 13th, 1775.


We have wrote by this conveyance, to the committee of the town of Newbern, Inclosing copys of sundry papers, among others a letter from Lord Dartmouth to Governor Martin; theyl no doubt forward duplicates to Edenton, from them youl learn how good a friend he is to the libertys of this province.

Our situation here is truly alarming, the Governor collecting men, provisions, warlike stores of every kind, spiriting up the back counties, and perhaps the Slaves, finally strengthening the fort with new works, in such a manner as may make the Capture of it extremely difficult. In this Situation Sir, our people are Continually clamouring for a provincial Convention. They hope every thing from its Immediate Session, fear every thing from its delay. We have a number of Enterprising young fellows that would attempt to take the fort, but are much afraid of having their Conduct disavowed by the Conventien.

We a Committee appointed for the purpose of Intelligence in this town, join our wishes to those of the people, and adjure you by your love of your Country to call a provincial Convention at an early day;

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so shall the minds of the people be calmed and proper measures (tho late) be taken to apply remedys to all our political Inconveniences. We have seen your Extracts from the letters of our delegates, Messrs Hooper & Hewes, & think they by no means intend to put off the meeting of the Convention until their return, altho they suppose one to be then necessary.

When you have any thing to Communicate to this part of the province, youl please address the Subscribers, who are your most obedient servants,

Committee of Intelligence.


We think it necessary to apprize you that the general opinion of this part of the country is, that a number of men should be raised and kept in pay for the defence of the country. This can only be done by a convention, & that convention alone can fall upon a proper mode of paying them. We therefore mention it as a reason why the convention should be summoned, to consider of that, as well as other matters.