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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
July 18, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 106-107

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 222]

At a meeting of the Council on board His Majesty's Sloop Cruizer in Cape Fear River on Tuesday the 18th July 1775.

His Excellency the Governor.
The Honble James Hasell Esquire
The HonbleLewis DeRosset Esquire
The HonbleJohn Sampson} Esquire.

The Governor having informed the Board that he had received advices that the People of the County of Bladen were persuing the Example of the People of Mecklenburg whose treasonable proceedings he had communicated to the Council at the last meeting, desired the advice of Council on the measures expedient to be taken to counteract such unwarrantable and dangerous extravagencies, and to check and prevent the growth of that spirit of disorder which at this time unhappily prevails in great part of the Province and especially in the County of Mecklenburg and the Counties on the Sea Coasts particularly evinced by the meetings which have been held among the People for the choice of Military Officers by which they have usurped the undoubted Prerogative of the Crown, and

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the frequent Assemblings of the People in Arms by the invitation of officers so illegally constituted.

To which the Council replied that it is their opinion that the deluded People of this Province (who have followed the Example of the neighbouring Colonies) will see their error and return to their allegiance, whereas every violent measure must increase the disturbances and be attended with the most fatal consequences.

James Hasell is of opinion that His Excellency should take every lawfull measure in his power to suppress the unnatural Rebellion now fomenting in Mecklenburg and other parts of the Province in order to overturn the Constitution and His just prerogative.

The Governor informed the Board that in consequence of the just Representations of Captain Collet Governor of Fort Johnston, that the Garrison of that place was reduced to no more than three or four men that he could depend upon, and that he had received advice of a considerable body of the People of the County being collecting in order to attack the place, he had thought it advisable for the preservation of His Majesty's Artillery to dismount the Guns in the Fort and to lay them under the protection of the Guns of His Majesty's Ship of War and to withdraw the little remnant of the Garrison the shot and small Stores and to place them in security on board a Vessel lying under the protection of the King's Ship.

The Council approved of the steps His Excellency had taken for the preservation of His Majesty's Artillery.

Francis Parry Esqre Commander of His Majesty's Sloop Cruizer representing to the Governor in Council that seamen were continually offering to enter on board the King's Ship under his Command, whom he could not take as he had his complemt of Men, and who would enlist under the Standard of Rebellion for the sake of the bounty money given, and might and probably would be employed against the King's Ship if as was reported, the People meditated an Attack upon her.

The Governor and Council taking into consideration the representation of Captain Parry were unanimously of opinion that if he found it consistant with His Majesty's Service it would be advisable to retain the men who offered themselves on Board His Majesty's Ship under his Command until they could be otherwise provided for.