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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Samuel Williams concerning treatment of loyalists in Anson County
Williams, Samuel
August 12, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 125-126

-------------------- page 125 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 222.]
Depositions about affairs in Anson County.

On Board His Majesty's Sloop Cruizer,
In Cape Fear River,
This 12th day of August, 1775.

No. Carolina—Ss.

Samuel Williams deposed upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God in manner and form following, vizt,

About two months ago he the said Saml Williams was at a meeting of people in Anson County at John Walls on Hedgecock Creek where Colonel Saml Spencer was persuading the People to sign the Association of the Congress and the People speaking of the Oath of Allegiance that part of them had taken, the said Spencer said that His Majesty George the Third had broke his Coronation Oath and by that he thought the People were absolved by such an example. Some time after he saw a number of People assembled at the Court house where they chose a Committee of 19 men, and that Thos. Wade and Davd Love 2 of the Captains and in the said Committee made use of all their Interest to enlist men for the use of the Congress, and that he hath since heard they have enlisted vast numbers. He came down about the 7th of July with a Petition to Governor Martin then at Fort Johnston from many persons in his County and on his return staid but one night at home, but he had a letter to Mr McDonald which he carried to Kingsborough, and while at his house he received a message from his wife and informed him that near 30 men had beset his house and burst open the door in search of him, and that they were armed with guns and other weapons, and that she understood they intended to kill him for bringing up the account of the action at Boston, which they said was a most infamous lye, and that he was the Author. On Monday July he was at a great meeting of people at one Mr McCaskets, when a large number of armed men came upon them in order to take them said to be about 200 men, the greater part from South Carolina, the Principals were Captain Philip Pledger, Capt G. Hicks and Saml Wise, and of our County Thos Wade and Davd Love.

He stood at some distance and received them as they past by (undiscovered) when they carried away Wilson Williams to one

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Willm Masks and there obliged him to sign and swear allegiance to them, and that they likewise took away Mr Colson and Colonel Cotton. He remained in the Woods till he heard of Colonel Cotton's escape from them, when he joined him and made the best of our way on board the Cruizer, as our persons were much in danger for Davd Love and Samuel Spencer had several times threatened him with seizing and selling his Estate for the Support of the American Troops, provided he did not join them, and furthur this Deponent saith not