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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 01, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 134-137

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Rowan County.

At a meeting of the Committee for the County of Rowan August 1st 1775.

Moses Winslow, Chairman.

James Macay, Clk.

On Motion Resolved, That Col Kennon Mr Avery and Mr Coles be admitted to seats in this Committee.

Resolved That a friendly address be sent to the Inhabitants of the fork of Yadkin in order that a conference may be had with them on Friday next.

Resolved That Messrs Avery, Saml Young and Wm Sharp be a Committee to draw up said address.

Mr Cook the Baptist Preacher appearing before the Committee and in the most explicit and humiliating Terms professing his Sorrow for signing the protest against the Cause of Liberty, which lately circulated in the fork of the Yadkin—and other parts of his conduct in opposing the just Rights and Liberties of the Nation in general and American Liberties in particular and intreating for Information relative to the present unhappy Disturbance.

Resolved That Messrs Samuel Young and Will Sharp wait on Mr Cook, and give him all the information in their power.

Resolved That one thousand Volunteers be immediately embodied in this County, elect their Staff Officers and be ready at the shortest Notice to march out to Action.

Resolved That Messrs Saml Young, James Macay and Wm Sharp be a Committee to draw up an address to the several Militia Companies,

Which being done, was read, and is as follows—


We the Committee for the County of Rowan, and Town of Salisbury having received a letter from the honorable Continental Congress recommending to this County immediately to form a part of the Men able to bear arms into Regular Companies for the Defence of this Province, against the Tyranny and Designs of the Kings Ministers to undo him and us.

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Thus far the Recommendation of the Congress which we are further led most anxiously to engage in from having now in our possession letters directed by Lord Dartmouth the Kings Secretary, and General Gage his Commander at Boston, declaring their intention to attack this Province by arming one part of us under British Officers against the other, by which cruel means each Neighbourhood would be engaged in bloody Massacre with its adjacent in that bitter scourge to humanity, a Civil War—Brother against Brother, and Son against the Father; letting loose upon our defenceless frontier a Torrent of Blood by the Savage rage of Indian Barbarity, who are ordered a supply of Arms and Ammunition by Lord North immediately to attack us, and repeat the inhuman Cruelties of the last War, Ripping Infants from the wombs of their expiring mothers, roasting Christians to Death by a slow fire. But let us quit a subject disgraceful to Christianity and rouse like one Man in Defence of our Religion from Popery, our Liberty from Slavery, and our lives from tormenting Death.

We exhort that each Captain do enlist as many Men within his company or elsewhere, as in his power, who are to form themselves into companies of 50 men or more, Choose their officers, and be supplyed with ammunition for the purposes above said, within their County and frontier.

And it is most earnestly recommended that they do as quick as possible improve themselves in the discipline and Exercise.

Resolved, That all powder in this town be taken into the possession of this Committee.

Resolved, That Hugh Montgomery, Maxwell Chambers, Will. Nisbit, Matthew Troy, and Mr Mitchell be required to declare on Oath to this Committee what quantity of powder, lead and flints is in their possession, and that they may deliver the same to the order of this Committee.

Resolved, That Mr Matthew Troy, do deliver unto this Committee all the powder in his custody, the property of John Kelly, and that the Committee indemnify Mr Troy for said action.

Resolved, That a copy of the above Resolve signed by all the members be given to Mr Troy as the Obligation of this Committee.

Resolved, That John Work deliver to the order of the Committee one Quarter cask of powder, and all the lead and flints in his possession, and that the Committee pay for the same the price set upon these articles.

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Resolved, That George Henry Barringer Esqr, David Woodson, Richard Shaver, attend on Lewis Jefre, and by order of Committee require him to deliver to them the powder and ammunition in his possession, and that this Committee obligate themselves to pay for the same. Also that they wait on Frederick Fisher for the same purpose.

Be it remembered that the Day before a Petition was presented by Doctor Newman and others against the seeming abitrary conduct of Colo Kennon and others in the case of Dunn and Boote.

Resolved, That the Petition presented by Doctor Newman be considered.

After a long Debate, the question was put—discharged in the petition—

1st. Whether the malice &c was proved?

Answered in the Negative.

2nd. Whether there was a Necessity for taking Dunn & Boote?

Answered in the Affirmative.

3rd, When taken whether to be removed?

Answered in the affirmative.

4th. And if removed whether to South Carolina.

Answered in the Affirmative.

5th. Whether the Conduct of Col. Martin and others be a precedent for the future in all cases of the like Nature?

Answered in the Negative.

6th Whether the Conduct of Colo Martin and others merited the Thanks of this Committee considering the alarming Situation of the Provinces in general?

Answered in the affirmative.

Resolved, That John Oliphant, James Patterson, William Neal, Gilbraith Falls, declare in open Committee that the Determination relative to their Dispute falling in favor of either party, shall be no let or Cause of Division with them in support of Right and Liberty.

Whereas from the late contradictory and equivocal Behavior of Capt Oliphant it appears he cannot be entrusted to execute the late Resolve of this Committee with respect to embodying Volunteers—and said Captain refusing to act any longer in that capacity—

Resolved, That Captain Oliphants' Company meet as soon as possible, elect proper officers, and that the Captain so appointed is hereby directed to execute the Resolve of this Committee, relative to raising and embodying Volunteers.

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Resolved, That the 5th Day of this Instant a Poll be opened for the Election of the Town of Salisbury, and that they elect one or more Delegates to sit in the Provincial Congress.

Resolved, That the Poll open immediately, and that the County choose their Delegates.

Resolved, That the 14th of this Instant Jonathan Hunt and Saml Bryans meet this Committee and make oath to the signers of the papers bly them produced.

Resolved, That Sassinfield and Company come before this Committee the 14th Instant in the same manner and on the Terms that Jonathan Hunt, the Bryans and others came before this Committee on the 4th Instant.

Ordered that Mr James Macay serve Sassinfield's Company with a copy of the foregoing Resolve.

Resolved, That Captain Will Davison take into his custody the powder, lead and flints in the possession of John Work, and dispose of the same according to the order of Committee.

Resolved, That Christopher Beakman take into his Custody the powder, lead and flints now in the possession of Conrad Hildebrand and dispose of the same at the order of Committee, and for the security of payment to Conrad Hildebrand he deliver to him at the receiving of it an Order on this Committee, which shall be accepted by us.

Resolved, That for the Time being each Militia Company pay their quota of Expense according to the Number of Taxables.

Resolved, That for the Time being each Militia Company shall send two Members to Committee.

Resolved, That Robert King, William Shark and James Wallace be a Committee to make a Register of the past Resolves of this County Committee.